Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Watchmen Movie

The guy who directed 300 currently has the rights to "Watchmen". With a $70 million opening weekend, it's my guess that he's going to make whatever movie he wants next.

Just prior to 300 opening, it was leaked that Snyder had sneaked a frame of his Watchmen test footage into the 300 trailer.


I'm still of a mind that there's too much to Watchmen for a two hour movie. Snyder obviously has no problem sicking to the source material. Make it a mini-series.


J.S. said...

I agree. The Watchmen needs to probably be a 6 hour miniseries. It could be hugely popular if they did it right.

J.S. said...
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Anonymous said...

speaking of movies...what do you think about the movie "unbreakable"? I remember when I saw the movie I was facinated by how original the idea seemed.../dk

Sleestak said...


Oh, wow. I can't even guess how much a multi-character 90 minute film suck.

Anonymous said...

I can imagine exactly how a 2 hour Watchmen movie would be: it would be like the 2 hour League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie. HBO needs to get the rights to this graphic novel and it needs to be a 8 to 10 hour deal. The fact that HBO would be involved would bestow upon the project some benefit of the doubt, which it will never have as a feature. I would much rather see "Band of Brothers" or "Rome" as the production model than "300."

The problem is that hotshot film directors can't take a step back from their self-perceived awesomeness to realize that this project has to be done in another way.


The League said...

I might stand alone in this, but I do like Unbreakable. I didn't like it the first time I saw it, but I caught it again on cable, and, yeah... it was fun.

Aspects of the movie were original, but as referenced in the movie, it was almost more of a post-modern take on Silver-Age comics, so, for comic geeks it was both completely knew and entirely familiar.

I regret not having picked up the special edition DVD a few years ago.

As per Watchmen, let's hope Snyder heeds the internet and maybe shifts into a show-runner position on Watchmen on HBO or Showtime. Alan Ball could do it, so can he.

Hey, at least Tom Cruise is no longer associated as Ozymandias.