Monday, April 09, 2007

Hey, Leaguers.

Hope you Easter Weekend was fabulous. Ours was unseasonably wintery and freaky. There's nothing sadder than an unshaven, weeping Steanso sitting on your front stoop looking out at the mud and the rain and asking why he can't hunt for eggs. I never want to go through that again.

After more interviews than I want to think about a lot of self-loathing, Friday I may have finally found gainful employment. As always, I'm keeping details to myself, but this place is a lot more in line with what I had in mind when we came back to town. I'm pretty darn excited. Should be starting pretty quickly.

Last night we had an early meet-up with Leaguers Carla and JAL and their respective spouses as well as Hilary and Stuart of The Flyin' A's. It was a Canyon Vista Middle School/ Westwood High mini-reunion, and was wildly entertaining. Finally met the man brave enough to marry CB, not to mention be her baby daddy (baby Xander was not there as he had some errands to run). And it'd been a while since I'd seen Justin and Tania. Hit the Draught House, and then popped over to Waterloo Ice House for a late dinner. And ice we had. In our freakish Texas storm, sleet came down on the roof of the Waterloo, and formed on our cars. But, luckily, nothing stuck.

That said, I was supposed to go to a karaoke party after the Warrior engagement, and ended up skipping out when the weather seemed to be just getting worse. I feel pretty bad about skipping, but The League fears Austin drivers on Saturday nights under the best of conditions.

We also watched the film adaptation of "Running with Scissors". I don't really understand why the director omitted certain vignettes and plot points from the memoir. Or why they cast a guy who was pretty clearly much older than the 14 years old that Burroughs was supposed to be, or why they added in certain elements, some of which seemed to stem from press that came out after the release of the book. On the whole, not a great movie.

This morning I woke up late. We met up with Jason, then headed to iHop for a sort of bleary Easter lunch.

This afternoon I was checking the new grass growing in our yard to see if last night's storm had taken out my Bermuda seedlings, and Jamie detected the scent of gas. I have a few theories on why, but Jamie's car apparently developed a drip from her gas tank, which should be nice and expensive to repair, and now I have to figure out how to get gas out of my driveway.

If it's not one thing, it's the other.


Anonymous said...

Your description of Running with Scissors is exactly what I feared would happen when I saw that the movie was less than an hour and a half long. As soon as I saw the running time on the movie, I knew that I would not be seeing it for fear of being greatly disappointed.

The League said...

Yeah, if you've read the book, I wouldn't bother. I don't mind when certain books get mucked with, but when one is supposedly a true story, and so much hinges on the subtleties of what Burroughs experiences... The movie is much more of a sledgehammer approach than the slow, nuanced build of the book from "this is fun!" to "Oh my God, this is seriously messed up".

Laura said...

That movie is coming up on my queue, but I don't know when I'll be seeing movies again. I read the book after I saw the commercials for the movie, and it seemed like they marketed the movie as a much more wes anderson-esque comedic tale then the seriously messed up story the book became. Or is it just me?

The League said...

I think I saw maybe two ads for the movie and don't actually recall it being an option at any point when I was picking a movie, which makes me think it was out for about two weeks in December (which is when they release these movies, and I'm always too busy to see them, or else I'm with family and we go see something fairly dull that, at best, isn't going to offend anyone).

Anyhow, the movie certainly lifted concepts of set design, etc... from Anderson, but still seemed fairly true to the book. But the characters all just seemed like TV movie versions of what was in the book.