Sunday, April 08, 2007

Pics from April's First Thursday with Mono E

I didn't announce it as it was approaching, but I should have. Jason and Reed's band, The Mono E(nsemble), played last week. Here are some photos.

Mono E takes the porch/stage at Ben White Florist (the "bwf" to the hip*).

My brother doing what he does best: taking up space


World's Greatest Drummer: Reed Shaw

Some kids goofing around on the hill. I don't know who they are. I just like this picture.

Reed's kid, Meredith, explains something to Jen and Anna

The band rocks out

And you can tell things get out of control when guitarist, Frank, has to work and isn't there to keep things under control. The Reed drum solo came to a nerve shattering conclusion with Eric stepping in for a climax worthy of the Rock-Afire Explosion. Also, note bassist Jim (not OUR Jim, but A Jim, nonetheless) in the back, hiding in shame.

Rock on, gentlemen. Rock on.

*this is a lie. Nobody has ever said "bwf" to my knowledge. But it IS on their free refrigerator magnets.

The name Ben White Florist isn't actually terribly accurate, and every time I try to go to the location on So. Congress, I first go to S. 1st by accident. It is only when I ponder why theya re playing, usually somehwere near Polvo's, that I remember where I'm supposed to be going.


Anonymous said...

Is that the "harder than you" bass I see Steanso playing? Does he still have that? I guess I should ask him directly.

The League said...

Oh, yes... that is the bass in question.