Friday, April 27, 2007

Leave the Gun, Take the Cannoli

So while I was at work today, apparently the owner of Clambake Jake's called my house. Jamie took the call, but for some reason picked up while she was asleep, so she was a little sketchy on the details.

You kind of have to think that this fellow is not real happy with The League right now. We're coming up a little high on the 'ol Google search when one looks for his restaurant online, and our commentary was full of opinions. And that makes me feel a little bad. After all, Cannoli Joe's is a new place and they're trying to make a buck. And The League isn't out to put anybody under. We have our opinions, and we feel entitled to them, but we also think it's OUR opinion. Go get your own.

Anyway, apparently we're now in one of the sites that pops up when you Google Clambake Jake's, and that puts me square in the sights of an irate restauranteur. I may wind up buried in the end zone of Giants' Stadium.

I'll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

What's disturbing here is that he found your name, number, and probably address.

This is why I prefer to be anonymous online.

Sleestak said...

You are so boned. Will your next blog be called League of Protective Witness Programs?

Steven said...

Well maybe he should invite you to come back after having a chance to refine his concept a bit better?

Anonymous said...

Inviting him back was exactly what I was trying to do. I would have also paid for the entire meal had any unmet expectations been brought to the attention of my managers or myself. We have been open only 2 weeks and recognize that we have many kinks to work out.

I also sent Mr. Ryan Steans an email asking him to come to my restaurant and let me know specifically what we could improve on, at my expense, but have received no reply. I also sent him a photo of my kitchen workers happily rolling meatballs by hand, which we do on a daily basis by the hundreds. It is a pain, costly, and labor intensive, but my cooks happily do their work. Ryan made fun of the sign which read "homemade." I guess I should change to "Housemade?" Just doesn't sound as good, but I am open to any of Ryan's suggestions. We make all of our food from scratch in house every single day.

If a person is willing to get on the web and write such disparaging comments about a new, start up, locally owned business, couldn't they at least respond to my offer to help us know what we should be doing better?

I welcome feedback from all of my customers. That is why we have comment cards by the front door with a big sign over them which reads "we are new, please let us know how we are doing."

For any other people reading this blog. Please ask for me when you come to the restaurant. I would be happy to meet you in person and hear about your dining experience.

Bob Hauser
Cannoli Joe's

P.S. Ryan, though it seems like there should be, there is no "n" in the word restaurateur.

The League said...

Hi Bob!

Leaguers, I ask you... how can one turn down an invitation like Bob's? HOW?

The fact is, I didn't get Bob's e-mail, so I need to scour my junk mail, etc... to make sure that I see the mail he's sent. I'm going to take Bob's definition of "homemade" at face value, and we're going to post those photos, if I can find them.

What Mr. Hauser should probably know is that League of Melbotis is a fairly dopey blog, and we run movie reviews, comic reviews, etc... all without much thought regarding whether the producer of the movie will see our review, nor believing that anyone outside of the normal readership of this site will read what we say. And we always believe that nobody takes our opinion all that seriously, anyway.

I mean, it's me. Come on.

But I also understand Mr. Hauser's concern, and his desire to get the best face possible on his newest effort as he responds to diners' comments and quietly adjusts things behind the scenes.

I'll see if I can't find the e-mail from Mr. Hauser, and we'll go from there.

T.S.T. said...

Whoa. Oh, internet, you odd, odd, social force, you. Tearing us apart even as you draw us together!

Now I feel slighted that I haven't received any e-mails from Carnival Cruise Lines, after I lambasted my recent (stupid) experience on their (stupid) ship on my (stupid?) blog.

Anonymous said...

At least he is not the owner of a restaurant named Johnny Clambakes. I googled that name and the League comes up as the number one find ! Just imagine, out there somewhere, there may just be a REAL Johhny Clambakes and the owner of that restaurant is also steaming mad, driving in his 1976 El Camino pedal to the medal towards Austin, gritting his teeth and angrily thinking "How canna someboddya insulta my meatballs!!!!

Seriously Cannoli Joes is way down on the list. And if anybody out there in internet-blogland writes off Cannoli Joes based of the opinings of a grown man who collects comic books and hates children, then shame on you.

Anyway.....who in the hell googles restaurants before they go eat at them ? There may be a refined dining crowd who does that, but I seriously that type would ever eat at a place called Cannoli Joes anyway, much less be caught dead on the League.

I can't wait to get the League's critique of my favorite dining establishment: Luby's !


RHPT said...

Imagine how cool it would be if every producer, director, actor, and comic book writer showed up on here and gave The League a piece of his or her mind!

The League said...

If that were to occur, I think I would have some serious epistemological questions.

Anonymous said...

This seems to just be a consequence of the information age. Not all things are for everyone, but now, with blogs and Google's, one man can become a pamphleteer of his own distaste for things he finds distasteful. I prefer this era to those days of old.