Thursday, April 26, 2007


Hey, Leaguers. In less than 24 hours, Peabo and Adriana will have a new human being to watch over. An as yet unnamed human being.

So let's help out this kid.

Now taking suggestions for names. And, yes, it's supposed to be a boy.

My suggestions:

Grand Funk Peabo
Grover Cleveland
Vincent Young
William Travis
Stephen Austin
John Wayne
Thomas Jefferson
Mr. Pinchy
Ryan J.
Coolio McGuillicutty
Alfred E.
Boris Yeltsin
Red Lobster
Bruce Wayne
Kool-Aid Man
Carl Edward Walls IV
Richard Milhouse
Timothy Duncan
Dwayne Wade
Stretch Armstrong
Joseph Montana
Cobb Salad
Cobra Commander
Star Scream
Moose N. Squirrel
Nehemiah Deuteronomy
Job Habakkuk
Grandmaster Flash
Whelan William

That's it. I've got no more in me. You help out.


RHPT said...

I vote for "Grand Funk Peabo"

Anonymous said...

When I first put a list together, I actually put the name Pistol.

And I was serious about it.

Pistol Peek.

It still sounds good.

Also my attempt to try and name the boy Josey has been shot down because it's too girly.

Tell that to the poor carbetbaggers he gunned down cuz they looked at him wrong.



Oh and if you are wondering what I am doing up.....that's right....I've whittled the list to five. I've got 13 more hours.

Optmius Peek, at number 6, just got crossed off.

The League said...

t is with relief that I hear you will not be naming the kid Sneaky Peek.

(no, that will not make sense to anyone who did not participate in the 1989 Canyon Vista Middle School production of "The Death and Life of Sneaky Fitch".)

I know you won't read this until sometime after little Ryan II has arrived, but we're really happy for you and Adriana.

While you and I both know your DNA has no business replicating outside your own body, we're hoping Adriana's DNA will win out and this kid will have a fighting chance.

I'll call tomorrow to see how things are going.