Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sam and Max!

Here's a look at Nathan C's kids, Samantha and Maximilian in their latest adventure!

Ah, I kid. Here's the real deal. Samantha and Maximilian share a moment.

Samantha plans out the next 16 years of psychological torture which she is duty bound to inflict upon Maximilian as the elder sibling.


J.S. said...

I'm proud to see that Samantha isn't just launching into the torture, but is instead planning it out carefully. Apparently in this photo she observing the first rule of elder sibling tyranny, "Know your enemy better than you know yourself implementing your attack plan."

Steven said...

One could do worse than beintg named after one of the finest lucasarts games ever made.

For this reason my two sons will be called: "The Secret of" and "Monkey Island".

The League said...

Following this logic, if I were to have kids, I would want to name them "Joust", "Galaga" and "Burger Time".

Anonymous said...

On Sunday afternoon when my parents were visiting the hospital, my dad said, "Maximilian -- just like that guy in 'The Black Hole!'"

And yep, I guess that's where I first heard that name. Although it was Renata who suggested it first!

The League said...

Maximilian totally freaked me out as a kid. Perhaps I can freak out your kid Maximilian by dressing in all red and having circular saw hands.