Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Walt would be so proud...

"Mickey Mouse" teaches kids to attack Israel and to hate the US.



Anonymous said...

If these jerks are that dedicated to preaching their message of hate and violence and "death to the murderous invaders", seriously....why don't we just blow their little tin can satelite into a million pieces ? Why should these punks be allowed a satellite ? We surely have the technology to destroy it, why do we permit this garbage ?

Hamas = very very sad people

As a new father I cannot fathom teaching my son to hate other people, much less encourage him to one day rise up and attack other people.

Ironically, if this had been so a cartoon by a U.S. company using a famous (insert Islamic country here) childrens persona saying how they should rise up against Al Qaeda and Hamas, etc. there would literally be blood in the streets and probably murders of cartoonist and bombs blowing up Disneyland.


The League said...

I think we have to permit the garbage as they represent a sovereign people. It's an oddity of living in a civilized nation not technically at war with the Hate Mickeys, even when they act bug-@#$% crazy, but there you go...

That said, they might not be using Mickey Mouse, but there's plenty of hateful people in this country who don't exactly teach their children peace, love and understanding. I do not envy you the task of deciding how to prepare Owen for that world.

It doesn't need to be Mickey preaching against The Great White Satan. It's a million little things.

The world is a fragile place, and it isn't going to get better because we teach our kids that another bunch of people need to be eradicated.

Lastly, I'm not sure that Hamas has managed to dream up a globally popular adorable cartoon character appealing to children of all ages, but when they do... I think you've found your niche.