Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Randy's Kid

Randy's kid! Look at her go, Leaguers!

See, Randy, I'm happy to post a pic of your kid. I find it curious you let her drool all over you, but when I asked, you got all upset.

I can't properly type Esme's name as it's a lot of work to add the tilde dealy. But that's her.


Anonymous said...

Go Randy!

Steven said...

Is that based of the Salinger story "For Esmé - in Love and Squalor"

Anonymous said...

Harms, I bet it is. Randy is a huge Salinger fan. Back when I edited the high school paper, I had to establish a limit per issue on the number of Salinger references he could put in the paper.

RHPT said...

I think Harms is the only person so far whose gotten the reference ... And its "For Esmé WITH Love and Squalor" ;)

Oh ~ And thanks to everyone for their kind wishes!

Steven said...

Be damned, I thought I knew the title without having to resort to The Google.

For future writings league accented vowels in HTML are done with

& vowel acute;

Thus é makes é

Changing acute to grave makes it go downward.