Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Superman/ Doomsday Trailer,German Krypton, Drama Chipmunk

I like how the voiceover narrator basically breathlessly tells us:

"More bad ass and less of a wuss than you tend to think of him! It's Superman gettin' killed and that makes him extreme!"

You kind of get the feeling the marketing person who wrote the copy more or less didn't like Superman to begin with. Awesomely, the Supermullet remains intact.

I am very nervous about this flick.

Mostly because it can never be as good as German Fanboy Krypton. Also featuring a Supermullet. The planet may be exploding, but at least those Kryptonian trains are running on time.

but can anything rival the awesomeness of... Drama Chipmunk?


J.S. said...

Is Drama Chipmunk a lot like Jim Dedman?

The League said...

Well, Jim has similar theme music.

Anonymous said...

I like that one of the related videos to Superman/Doomsday is "NIN - Dance Party USA/Sex Dwarf"