Sunday, July 29, 2007

Jiggity Jog

We're home.

Jamie's procedure was supposed to occur Thursday (it did), and, at most, we expected to go home Friday morning. Well, thanks to the miracles of modern medicine and a doctor who was being properly cautious as we adjusted some of Jamie's meds, we've been at St. David's South Austin on and off since Thursday. I am now properly worn out.

Here's the difference between going into the hospital in AZ and going in here:

Jamie's folks happened to be coming into town Thursday anyway (they're putting an offer in on a house in San Marcos. They shall be living ever so close to Ralph the Swimming Pig), so they were here. Friday Jason and Carla were able to come by. Saturday Wagner was here from Lubbock. Plus the return of Jason and Carla. Throw Matty into the mix, and voila! It wasn't just the two of us sitting there trying to figure out what show on basic cable at 2:00 on a Saturday is least boring.

Thanks so, so much to folks who came by. We really appreciate it.

Jamie is home. She's fine. She's happy to be able to dole out affection upon the pets once again.


Carla said...

Yea! She's finally home. Hope you two can get some rest tonight.

Michael Corley said...

Glad to hear you are home.

JAL said...

League, why have you forsaken us?

The internet is a cold and lonely place without you.

You should at least let Jeff the Cat guest blog as Bizarro-League.

The League said...

Sorry for the lack of posts. Monday and Tuesday were rough work days and last night I just rolled over and went to bed after dinner and reading some comics.