Friday, August 10, 2007

Opting for sleep

My blogging has been rotten of late. I apologize, sort of.

I just decided that, last night, I needed some sleep after pitching a fit because neither Jamie nor Jason would go to Target with me to buy $10 sunglasses. Granted, I needed sunglasses, but my reaction was greatly out of proportion to the very reasonable arguments for not going put before me.

Anyhow, I was sort of punchy while I was there, bought the wrong dogfood, bought some fairly cheesy 80's-looking sunglasses, came home, watched the Colbert report, read some Jimmy Olsen and then went to bed. I pondered blogging, but it didn't happen.

Going to see Ween tonight at Stubbs. I'm sorta pumped as I've never had opportunity to see them before.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy Ween. I must admit I know nothing of their stuff after "The Pod," which I bought waaaay back in 1991. So strap on that jammy pac and enjoy.

GK said...

i chanced by randomly and enjoyed reading the blog, thought id drop in a note.
Have a nice day
peace be

The League said...

Girish, welcome to The League of Melbotis! By back tracking to your blog, I see you recently arrived from Dubai. Good luck in your studies.

J.S. said...


mcsteans said...

What happened to the picture of Mel? What kind of League of Melbotis site is this without Melbotis?

Anonymous said...

Push th' Little Daisies!