Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Reading Comics

Nothing is more dull than reading blogging about blogging, but...

So after six weeks or so of consideration, I've decided to pull the plug on my participation with the Fodder Network/ Comic Fodder.

You have to understand that Comic Fodder was a great experience, but... I love my comics. What with a job, friends and family I want to spend time with, and a whole lot of other factors, reviewing up to ten comics in a week can get to be a bit of a grind. I love my comics, and worrying about getting the blogging done every week was making me feel a bit guilty, which sort of makes reading the comics a commitment. And that's sort of always been the opposite of what I had in mind when it came to reading little stories about aliens with an overinflated sense of justice.

I think I gave it a good run. An article I wrote on "what do women want in comics?", which was really just a question more than an article, continues to get hundreds of hits per month. And that's kind of cool. It's nice to know you're giving folks something to read, and it certainly was getting more hits than The League ever receives.

But I was also losing a good chunk of every weekend writing about what a swell comic I find Blue Beetle. Life isn't quite the same here as it was in PHX. I actually have stuff to do here, and I kind of want to enjoy it. And my comics.

There's other stuff I want to try, too, you know. I once wrote some prose stuff. I'd like to finish that. I have stuff I'd like to try to draw myself and try out the Comic Creator software Jason got me for my birthday. I'd like to work on my choreography for "Steanso: A Rock 'n Roll Dance-Splosion!".

Anyhow, it was fun. I gave it a shot. Maybe someday again. In the meantime, you can probably expect to see an increase of comic-related blathering here at the League.


Anonymous said...

You had a great problem. Too many worthwhile and enjoyable things to do. Welcome back to Austin!


J.S. said...

The choreography for my Dance-Splosion shouldn't take that long. After all, even through the dance-splosion is four hours long, it's going to include nothing but line dancing, right?

The League said...

We're mixing it up and throwing in some square dancing as well. Leaguers, be prepared to see Steanso dosey-do in a manner which will both shock and disturb.

Carla said...

I will gladly purchase a ticket for Dance-Splosion!

Will he be wearing Urban Cowboy type costume and will there be a number on a mechanical bull, Debra Winger style?

Anonymous said...

Dude! Who is going to let me know when the next issue of the Black Adam limited series is released?!

And without your reviews, I'll never know about any of these cool new comics!

I guess I'll just have to stop reading comics again.

The League said...

We're using the conclusion of 2001 as our inspiration for the bull riding scene. Just imagine Jason in a white leotard riding a mechanical bull for about twenty minutes with lots of flashing lights.