Monday, September 10, 2007

Iron Man Trailer Now Online!

Iron Man trailer is up! And it looks like its going to be a heck of a popcorn movie.

Must have QuickTime or other Apple Media player.


Anonymous said...

Oh my. That looks kick ass.

Anonymous said...

I saw Stark holding a drink at one point.... I guess they're going to address the character's alcoholism?

But when the trailer people busted out the Black Sabbath, I thought it was a cheap-ass way to sell the movie. I mean, come ON!

(besides, Tony Stark wasn't turned to steel in the great magnetic field)

The League said...

yeah, I think Tony will definitely get the boozer treatment. Whether they call him an alcoholic in this movie or wait for the sequel, i don't know.

I thought Sabbath was a bit cheesy, but... c'mon, it's a trailer. I'm sold simply by the flying shots. Unreal.

J.S. said...

Who doesn't love Sabbath? Is Tony Stark going to end up prostituting himself for crack?

I think the movie looks pretty good in the trailer. The effects in these movies keep getting better and better, though. Pretty soon they're all going to look equally awesome, though, and the directors are going to have to go back to relying upon actual story lines (gasp!) in order to set their mvoies apart. Looks like there's some good development of the Tony Stark character here, though. And I like Robert Downey, Jr. when he's able to stay off the dope (of course, he's playing an alcoholic, here)

The League said...

My understanding is that the casting was very intentional.

Anonymous said...

This morning I remembered my issue of Iron Man from the '80s, "Iron Man vs. Iron Man," where Stark dukes it out with James Rhodes for the right to wear the armor.

Stark is chasing Rhodes, and Rhodes decides to take the fight onto land.... at a brewery (or winery, can't remember). Stark broke out in the cold sweats and had to fight through his urges. That's something I'd like to see just as much as cool flying around.

J.S. said...

By the way, I also thought the flying shots were super cool. Everyone keeps focusing on the Sabbath, but what about the bass riff from Filter's Hey Man Nice Shot? Filter gets no respect.