Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Defuser, Football, the gym

Hey, Leaguers!

The Defuser Patrols Austin

Firstly, I want to congratulate a man I will probably never meet. Austin's own Police Detective Jarret Crippen was the winner of this year's edition of "Who Wants to be a Superhero?" Or, rather, Austin's own superhero "The Defuser" will now have an action figure, a comic, and may get to participate in a Sci-Fi original movie.

I was cheering for all three of the final four contestants (plus Basura, for less heroic reasons). Parthenon, Hygena and Hyper-Strike all seemed like good options and seemed to "get" the show much more quickly than the participants from the first season, which stands to reason.

While I was amused by Mr. Mitzvah, he disappeared sort of early on. However, the real story is the real life of Mr. Mitzvah. Google Ivan Wilzig. It's kind of fascinating. heck just check out his Wikipedia entry.

He really was a billionaire playboy trying to become a superhero...

Anyhow, it seems that my parents' visit this weekend stunted my chance to meet The Defuser in person when he appeared at Austin Books on Saturday (thanks for the tip, Jim D!) along with Ms. Limelight (she of the unknown powers).

Austin, being what it is, I suppose I shall have other opportunities to meet The Defuser and get his autograph. Perhaps when his comic debuts?

UT puts in a UT-like effort

Saturday UT played the TCU Horned Frogs, and while the first half of the game was mostly not shown due to a really, really good game between A&M and Fresno State, the part of the first half that was shown was kind of grim.

My folks were here, so we cooked out, Matt and Nicole popped over, and I saw less of the game than I would have liked as I got food together.

The second half, however, was a real game as UT's offense woke up and scored something like 34 points to TCU's 3. And that ain't bad.

McCoy simply isn't the same athlete as Vince Young, but, man, he's trying. And Charles and other players looked really good. It should also be noted that UT's defense played a pretty darn good game (with the one TCU touchdown scored as an interception return, I think. I was out cooking burgers on the grill.)

Anyhow, I have a little more faith in UT at this point. I don't ask for even a BCS bowl game, but... man, I want a good showing.

NFL Starts Up

Dallas is playing this evening. Now, I know most folks like to bag on the NFL, but I like it, even though pretty much everything about the presentation of the games is overblown and ridiculous.

It doesn't have the same joy as college ball, but its still fun, and, hey... its not exactly like the first two months of NBA play where folks screw around for about twenty games before they get settled down.

Back to the Gym

Jamie has decided to get in shape. I prefer my shape to be somewhat panda-like, but I do worry when I have to stick my finger on electric sockets every once in a while to get the ol' ticker going again.

Anyhow, I finally made it back to Gold's Gym for the first time since I signed on the dotted line a few months back.

I was pleased that my body was not in screaming agony, and that I rode the elliptical for forty+ minutes. My game plan is to do mostly cardio for a while, and then get on the weight machines in a month or so. We'll see. First things first is making sure I don't wear out on the weight machines ten minutes after getting to the gym.

Jamie's been really impressive lately. She went to the gym without me, she's been eating really well, she and Carla have been hitting some dance classes, and I know she exercises in front of her cd player at home sometimes.

Part of me was also watching The Bourne movies and realizing I couldn't win in a fist fight because I'd probably get winded. That's kind of an uncomfortable realization. So its back to the gym for me.


Anonymous said...

I suspect you will see the Defuser again. These guys travel to all the cons and make appearances. Feedback was at DragonCon a week ago, or so I heard, and he won some time ago.

The League said...

I am now deeply concerned about the fate of WhipSnap. What will become of her?

Carla said...

WhipSnap I think needs some therapy. I mean that in the best way. She seemed depressed.

I'm guessing Playboy or Maxim are currently speaking to Basura, so expect to see her again.

Anonymous said...

The real question: What happened to Creature? Truly, that is of great import.

I was surprised that it was not Hyper-Strike that won it, although he didn't really offer a sob story other than that he was picked on, which surely every contestant on this show was. Defuser's tale of his sister catapulted him to the top of the pity pile, but as good as he was, he seemed a little bland to me. (He was more of a Captain American type, rather than a Flash type, as Hyper-Strike was.).

You would think the super zeros would have known by now that everything they said was being taped.

Also, the DVR description said something about "Doctor Dark's identity," so I thought there would be some reveal about who he was. There wasn't. Plus, they disposed of him pretty easily considering the build up.

The League said...

Yeah, I was expecting a bit more regarding Dark's identity... I will ask the Defuser, should I ever meet him.

I concur that WhipSnap could use some counseling. She was pretty verbose about her issues, so hopefully she'll seek something after the show.

You're probably right about Basura appearing in something like Maxim. If they could get the girl from Mythbusters to strip down to her underwear, Basura can't be too far off.

After Feedback's gushing last season, its always going to be hard to find someone who overcame adversity thru Superheroes in much the same way.

I am a bit surprised Creature has not parlayed her WWTBaS "fame" into something else, but as a professional fire-spinner, I'm not sure all what she might have offered.