Monday, September 03, 2007

Ready to Talk About It

So... UT's first game wasn't so great.

We had a small crowd over for the game, and I did some cooking. I've also pledged never to invite people over and buy beer ever again. People are all too generous with beer (and, as it turns out, shrimp) and we still have quite a bit of beer left in the house.

But... okay, the game. I'm going to leave real analysis of the game to those who (a) know more football, and (b) watched more of the game than I did. Let us just say that while I am glad that we didn't lose to Appalachian State, I'm not exactly burning with confidence about our chances at a national or even conference championship. Both OU and A&M had much better games and didn't lose steam after the first quarter.

UT used to (when VY was there) bulldoze over a team so they simply couldn't keep up anymore in the third and fourth quarters. We gave up yard after yard, finally giving up a touchdown in the last minute.


We're ranked very high, I guess AP still thinking there's enough of the Championship team of two years ago in the team's DNA to put up a good showing. And as much as I think Colt McCoy has a good arm, the Greg Davis DNA in the offense is playing out just as it did during the gutless Chris Simms years.

It's going to be a long year for the Horns and their fans.

The OC and Pavlov

For years the dog's dinner time has been 5:00 PM on the nose. Around 4:30 they might start bugging us and hanging around the pantry, but that will win them no favors. 5:00 is as early as they are going to be fed.

Recently SoapNet moved the OC to 5:00, and Jamie has been watching. So much so, that now the opening piano keys of the OC theme song are now enough to get the dogs up and moving. In fact, with the SoapNet OC marathon today, we may have an opportunity to get the dogs riled up every hour just after the start of the hour.

Kind of sad for both the dogs and Jamie, I think.

Michael comes to town

I first met Michael in 9th grade when Justin Lincoln and I were working on a class project and Michael hung out with us and helped out.

Justin and Mike lived together Freshman year (actually, every year) at UT, and it turned out they were also on my floor (as I was cohabitating with Peabo and my pile of dirty clothes). Justin (JAL), CB, Mike and myself were all RTF majors and spent an inordinate amount of time hanging out.

Then, one day, Michael was graduating, and about that time, he met a girl. A girl in Oklahoma. And, poof, Michael disappeared.

He's been in touch. You'll see his comments here at the League, but I hadn't seen the guy in somewhere around 10 years. Also I don't think he'd ever met Jamie, and I hadn't ever met his wife. Anyhow, we all caught up at Hut's on Sunday. Justin (and his wife), Michael (and his wife), me and Jamie, and CB and Xander. 10 years on, and , for good or ill, it really didn't feel like that much had changed.

We're just one good death away from The Big Chill, I guess.

Anyway, Michael seems to be loving Oklahoma, so I wasn't littering him with questions about when he was coming back, but speaking of...

The In-Laws in San Marcos

Jamie's folks bought a place in San Marcos. It's very close to Wonder World, so its got that going for it.

We're actually pretty excited about them coming down. They won't be down here full time for probably two years or longer, but they now have a base sort of near Austin (and with easy access to the glass bottom boat tours of Aquarena Springs).

It's a really nice house, and I think it will suit them. We've already brought Mel and Lucy down to run in their big back yard. You can always tell when Mel approves of something because his tail doesn't just wag, it goes into a sort of gyrocopter spinning motion.

I have no idea what my own parents are doing in a few years when they wrap up this work business. There's been some talk about Austin, but I'm guessing they wind up in the Woodlands, just north of where I went to high school. We'll see. It's certainly the major topic of conversation whenever we're together.

At any rate, we're happy to know Dick and Judy will be close by soon.


J.S. said...

I predict that they park themselves on Campfield Drive, in Austin. Dad will work on cars, hanging engine blocks from trees in the front yard, and Mom will rent rooms to undocumented aliens from her ESL class.

Anonymous said...

Does San Marcos really still have the glass bottom boats? Aquarena Springs closed down years ago...

The League said...

I believe that Aquarena Springs has now become less tourist destination and more of a... place with glass bottom boats. It doesn't seem to have a lot else going on. Ralph the Swimming Pig is not longer a headliner, and the cable cars no longer sway dangerously in the breeze.

There are billboards on the freeway advertising the glass bottom boats, so I assume someone is making money off the enterprise or th place went under and absolutely nobody else wants to advertise on those billboards.

Snake Farm is also tantalizingly close to the in-laws, so I may also need to make that trek at some point.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever been to the Snake Farm?

It's too bad Herb's Taco Hut in San Marcos closed down. Damn, that was good.

The League said...

Based on a rumor that the Snake Farm was secretly a house of ill repute, a colleague (who shall remain nameless) and I headed down to the Snake Farm to see if the rumors were true. It seemed simple enough: If there were lights on at the Snake Farm at 11:30, the legends might have a hint of truth to them.

Sadly, save for some heat lamps on a pair of turtles, I saw no light, and the place was locked up tighter than a drum.

I am now glad we did not hop the fence as a recent episode of Dirty Jobs was taped at Snake Farm, and I see we mightw ell have leaped right into the alligator enclosure.

We also visited the Wal-Mart distribution facility on 35 just so we could get a shot of the place for scale with my colleague standing next to a door.

Michael Corley said...

It was most excellent to see you (and met your equally excellent wife, Jamie).

My only regret was not enough time. We shall have to have a longer gathering (perhaps a guided reintroduction to Austin Books would be in order).

Until then, Leauge Ho!