Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I am sorry about the huge fire in California


I know two days ago I blew off the fires in California (to people I was talking to at work and elsewhere, not here at LoM).

I am sorry.

California burst into flames every year that I could recall, and I wasn't really clear until yesterday that this is a lot more serious than the usual fires which consume a few homes.

So, anyway, The League shares our sympathies and best wishes with the folks of Southern California and Mexico who are dealing with the fires.


J.S. said...

I tried to tell you guys at the cookie party that they had already evacuated half a million people. But everyone just laughed at me and threw cookie dough on me.

mcsteans said...

I know this to be a lie since the cookie dough did not even emerge from the fridge until after you left.

The League said...

This is why I am publicly hanging my head in shame. I knew the fire was big, but, seriously, every @#$%ing year they have to evacuate half of Southern California. In some ways, I'm surprised that there's anything left to burn.

Anyhow, this year it looks like the fire is the kind of fire they're always afraid will occur.