Friday, October 26, 2007

Pulled comic post

hey, i want to apologize to anyone who read the comic post I'd had up earlier this evening. I actually read what I'd wrote and decided that maybe writing a lengthy post like that over several days and taking several angles ina single post wasn't working.

Jason had posted a well articulated and well thought out response. Which also led me to realize that my post made absolutely no sense.

Anyway, I apologize.


Anonymous said...

I thought the post was solid, interesting, and informative. You should consider placing it back online.

The League said...

I am going to re-edit and put back. Probably this weekend.

T.S.T. said...

I second your plan to re-post. Having acquired a copy of Ware's Best American Comics a while back, I was all ready to comment on the matter.

Moreover, I found your use of the term "tidy whities" interesting, as I had always imagined the term as "tighty whities." I guess that you focus on hygeine, whereas I immediately think of restriction. What a linguistic Rorschach test.

The League said...

Certainly I picture tidy whities as being pristine. I wish I still had the polling feature enabled.