Sunday, November 04, 2007


I may go see Fred Clause. Just to annoy other people.

Jeff the Cat had a few teeth pulled this week. He is doing very well and doesn't seem to miss them.

Carla made very good cupcakes. I bring this up not just to say Thanks!, but to point out that she's launched a new site, Dessert Lounge!

My folks were in town this weekend once again looking at property. This time, they may have even found something.

I slept a lot this weekend.

We walked the dogs. That was very nice.

I also read comics.

I ran into a co-worker at Austin Books.

Jason bought an X-Box and Halo.

I didn't watch the UT game and am regretting that decision. I did watch the Colts game and the Dallas game.

I briefly did some work.

The weekends are too short.


Action Comics 858: After Infinite Crisis, DC decided that it was a good time to join the past/ future of Superman together with the Legion of Superheroes once again. A great set-up, wonderfully drawn, and for those (like me) with a gap in their DCU knowledge regarding the Legion, this is a great read.

Batman 670: You can't keep a good Demon's Head down. I didn't like the loss of Bat-villain Ra's al Ghul, as al Ghul was always one of the more complex characters in the Bat-Rogues Gallery. Morrison is doing the most to redefine Batman's world of any writer since the post DKR-era.

Justice Society of America 10: Do you like Superheroes? Did you enjoy mid-90's DC project Kingdom Come? Do you like Superman? Can your brain handle the multiverse? I don't know why this volume of JSA is so much better than the previous volume, handled by the exact same writer, but... man. Every month when this title comes out, this is the first comic I read from the stack.

Crime Bible: The Five Lessons of Blood (1 of 5)
: Montoya is back as The Question. Cult conspiracies, hard-boiled detectives, Greg Rucka, Tom Mandrake... Worth a look.

Tales of the Sinestro Corps Presents: Superman-Prime
: Uhm. Look, this just isn't going to necessarily be a great first comic for anyone to read, but it is a good read as it basically ties together the entire past of the once Superboy of Earth Prime.


Anonymous said...

Well, at least you can be glad you did not see the first half of the game.

The League said...

I did see part of the first half while eating tacos at Serrano's. That was part of why I didn't go out of my way to get home and watch the second half. On the whole, not my best decision.

Anonymous said...

When you say you're going to see Fred Claus to annoy other people, do you mean annoying other people in the theater with rude behavior, or do you mean annoying folks like me who can't believe you'd shell out $8.50 American to see something like Fred Claus???

The League said...

I think the second case is what I was really aiming for. I've heard a lot of people nay-saying Fred Clause, including me. But something about it looks like it just might be so awful, and cynically produced, it could overcome Arnie's "Jingle All the Way" as my new go-to Holiday movie to be ashamed of.

The League said...

Of course, nothing beats "Santa with Muscles". Which, I guarantee if you seek it out, IT WILL MELT YOUR BRAIN.

(The League of Melbotis is not responsible for any damage to your mind, body or spirit which can occur when viewing "Santa with Muscles".)

Anonymous said...

ooooooh, my brain already hurts.