Wednesday, November 07, 2007

League of Melbotis Holiday Heckstravaganza 2007!

Yes, Leaguers... I'm not ready for it, and neither are you, but it's that time of the year again. We're hurtling toward the Holidays like a comet towards Dinosaur-infested Earth. So it's time for ordering that Hickory Farms basket, pretending someone else sent it to you, and then eating the whole thing in one sitting.

It's also time for The League of Melbotis 2007 Holiday Heckstravaganza!

Needless to say, you're all in invited. Yes, even you.

So hire a baby-sitter, contact your parole officer and free up your calendar for the night of December 8th, 2007. For that night, mi amigos... we ride upon the Federales!

There's a small possibility that from 9:00 - 9:30, we will be entertained by the smooth, Holiday sounds of Jason's band, CRACK.

Further, there will be Wii. And snacks. And booze. Really, rum and egg nog sorta make my memories of last year's party kinda hazy, but it seemed we all had a good time. And the cops who showed up were real swell guys.

This party is BYOB, so bring a bottle of your favorite libation and we can all join in the merriment. There will be carols, and Ritz crackers and bum fights.

We're hoping you can come on down!

If you're planning to show, shoot us an e-mail or request a link to the Crusher invite. We'd like some sort of tally.

It's gonna be a good one.


J.S. said...

Will there be eggnogg? Crack is more likely to perform if there is eggnogg.

The League said...

You shall be agog about our nog.

Anonymous said...

Please record Crack show and post the MP3s.

Anonymous said...

It would be so lovely if you could consult with me before setting party dates. Your parties are always inconveniently scheduled. I can't believe I missing a chance to see CRACK!

Should my schedule suddenly clear up, I shall attend. (But don't hold your breath. It's dangerous. Or something.)

Anonymous said...

Err, add the word "am" in there somewhere.

J.S. said...

Since this is a "holiday" party as opposed to a Christmas party, I was wondering what accomodations will be made for Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus? (plus, the occasional Wiccan)

The League said...

They all get to party however they like. If they have a Buddhist Holiday carol they want to bust out, they should go for it. Muslims, likewise. I don't know much about holidays for too many faiths, so I leave it to my guests to volunteer their own angle to the celebration.