Monday, November 26, 2007

New Blog Featuring the Baby-Growing Talents of Denise!

Hey, Leaguers!

Our own Denise is about to have kids. No, not a pair of goats, but a pair of babies.

And, for once, there is a slight chance one may be named Ryan II. You see, Denise's husband is also named Ryan. So while she may lead him to believe that she is naming the babies after that guy, we at League of Melbotis know the truth.

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Anonymous said...

I am about to explode. Only 3 weeks to go.

Ryan II is probably not too difficult to pull off. Other names suggested so far are maybe less likely:2pac & Biggie, Run & DMC, Flava & Flav, RyanV2.0 and RyanV3.0...

Oh, and if anyone wants to know the name of the surgeon who did Chuck Norris' vasectomy, just lemmie know. Just a little interesting tidbit I discovered the other day at the hospital. Can you imagine the type of steel scalpel and intestinal fortitude that takes?!?

The League said...

I imagine they had to use some sort of diamond tipped scalpel powered by a nuclear reactor to break the skin. It is amazing that Chuck Norris's vas deferens is able to be severed with modern medicine. I suspect time-traveling doctors, or other-worldly technology was employed.