Monday, November 26, 2007

Writers Strike = Return of Best Show Ever

Do I even need to tell you what that show is?

That's right, NBC is doing The League a big favor and bringing 90's late-night viewing fave "American Gladiators" back on the air.

American Gladiators was a staple of my TV viewing during my high school years, which can be accurately reflected in the list below:

1) MST3K
2) Tale Spin
3) Tiny Toons
4) USA's "Up All Night"
5) 120 Minutes
6) Cheers
7) Headline News (with the always amazing Lynne Russell)
8) Saved By the Bell
9) American Gladiators
10) Ren & Stimpy

American Gladiators
featured a colorful cast of 'roid freaks doing sportsman-like battle with steroidless athlete-types. Sometimes this included pummeling one another with huge q-tips. Sometimes it entailed the Gladiators shooting tennis balls from a gun at the contestants as they tried to make it through a maze, or climb up a rock wall.

Basically it was Malibu beach freaks beating the snot out of one another in games designed to favor the Gladiators. And they wore sort of superheroish costumes.

This was back before there was a sort of backlash against competitive women's fitness. Younger readers may not recall, but in the 80's, women joined in with body-building, which meant that the women competitors took on the same, weird muscleliness that the men were aiming for. In recent years, the Ms. Fitness competition took a turn towards being less... uh... about huge muscles and more about being in really good shape.

My favorite Gladiator? Zap.

I guess as a high school dude, you feel like you have to pick a favorite.

So, anyway: American Gladiators returns in 2008. Be prepared to see 'roid freaks totally wail on one another.

And some blasts from the past

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