Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Melapalooza: April 19th, 2008

Mel's 10th birthday is April 22nd, 2008. However, we're celebrating on April 19th, 2008. And you (yes, you, Steven) are invited (also, others).

It's my birthday, ya'll

Doug and Kristen will be in town for the festivities, and Doug has promised that he will demonstrate his famous "Fire and Sword Swallowing Act". Blindfolded. While Kristen throws knives at him.

I am on strike as far as the BBQing goes. It always winds up that I spend the whole time over the grill, worried that I am charring someone's burger or hotdog. This year we'll figure something else out. Or I'll cook on our new grill pan.

There will be Wii, soda and a cake for Mel. This year, its all about Mr. Puppy Pants turning the big One-Oh.

More announcements soon.


J.S. said...

I can't help notice that Mel is going to have a party, but that you're not having a party for your own birthday on the 12th.

The League said...

I'm not that into my own birthday. But perhaps I shall have a quiet, candlelit dinner with just me and Jeff the Cat. We both so love Tender Vittles.

JAL said...

you get that monkey!

Steven said...

Ah a party at the Hall of Justice:

The Two Juans
The Mrs.
Mel and Lucy
An evening appearance by Jeff The Cat

Truly the long ago vision of a Chandler-based Leagueapalooza will now reach its fevered zenith.

The League said...

We are growing predictable, are we?

J.S. said...

This could be an opportunity for our band to debut with a few songs dedicated to Mel.