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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Party is at 8:30

We'd love to see you!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

REMINDER: There is a Halloween Party

When: 8:30ish on Saturday, October 31
Where: Jamie and Ryan's house
Who is invited: You
Costumes are required

Monday, September 07, 2009

Halloween Spooktacular 2009!

So, it seems we're going to do this thing. Based largely upon the fact that Matt has come up with two very good costume ideas.

Also, we need to redeem ourselves for the lousy Halloween party we tried circa 1999. That thing was a bust. But this year, we know how to ensure everyone has terrifying fun:

add warm water and H1N1, and it truly is a frightening party game

It's a Costume Party

We're planning a costume contest, and we'd prefer it if you played ball by actually wearing a costume. And, no, "serial killers look just like everyone else" does not count. Jason in antennas claiming to be "The Blair Witch", however...

Will your 6 Million Dollar Man costume win the contest?

We'll be kicking things off around 8:30, and we hope to see you there. We know Halloween is a kooky night, so we fully expect people to come and go as the evening goes on. We can't promise fire dancers or anything too exotic, but I would expect we can still scare up a pretty darn good time.

Goodness. She IS the most sincere kid in the pumpkin patch.

E-mail me if you'd like to come but somehow fell off my list on Facebook, etc... where I've posted announcements.

On Kids: We know that Halloween is a kid-friendly Holiday, and while we love your kids, too... If Scout eats your kid, all I'm going to be able to do is apologize. We are happy to have them, but nobody ever accused League HQ of being an overly toddler-friendly place.

Rides Home: I will also see what I can find out about safe rides home. Halloween is a tricky night for driving, and we want all of our friends to make it home safe and sound.

What You Can Do: Do you have any ideas for the party? Share them. Have treats or goodies for the party? Bring them. I'm still requesting people think long and hard before bringing a case of beer. But if you really wanted to make popcorn balls, nobody is telling you not to.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Halloween Party at League HQ?

Hi Leaguers,

I've put up a poll at the official LoM site (in case you're getting your LoM from Facebook or RSS). Jamie and I are trying to decide if we should have our annual Chris-Kwanzaa-Kah party, or if we should consider a Halloween Party.

Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, so it makes it possible for us to throw wide the doors of Haunted League Manor and celebrate the night of ghouls and goblins.

I actually remember buying this copy of Monster Mash at a K-Mart in Michigan when I was little. I thought the Wolfman looked awesome. And I have never known why a "monster band" was made up of chimps.

Our primary concern is that nobody is going to show, of course. And while the Holiday Spectacular is something to get ready for, its also decorations we have up for a while during the Holidays. If we spend a bunch of time making League HQ as spooky as necessary for a Halloween-mitzvah, this is sort of a one-shot-deal.

Anyhow, I'd initially thought: We're going to do a Halloween Party, and I am going to make everyone come as a super-hero! And it'll be a super-party! But now I see that's faulty thinking on Halloween.

Let's get the whole gang together!

While Costumes WILL BE REQUIRED (that includes Sophie, Maxwell), we're looking forward to what Leaguers decide makes for a festive Halloween.

So, if Leaguers can take the ten seconds out of your day to vote in our poll, we'd really appreciate it. This is sort of our bellwether for the likelihood of The League's 2009 Halloween Heckstravaganza.

It'll be a scream

Monday, July 13, 2009

Pleadings Watch Party

Hey, Leaguers!

I've recently obtained an official copy of the movie "Pleadings" written by the League's own JimD and Alistair. So, I'm thinking "Austin Area Pleadings Watch Party".

I've seen the movie, and it is hilarious.

Actually, it's really, really not. But why not watch the movie together? I'll make popcorn.

I can't do it any time in the next two weeks (we're in San Francisco, and then I got a thing the next week), so let's look at August 1.

E-mail me or comment if you're interested in attending.

Here's a whole bunch more about Pleadings at Facebook.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Party, trek, etc...


Some of us are cautiously optimistic about the new Star Trek film hitting theaters this summer. While we look at the blow-dried, bottle-blond Kirk and the all-sexy, mail-order catalog crew with no small amount of pessimism, we're still hoping that a reboot of the Trek franchise will breathe some new life into the concept.

Others are seeing something else in the trailer. Got this from Doug.

Zack Snyder directs Wall-E

For Steven and Lauren

Suddenly: Doug!

We had some friends and family over for a pre-Birthday celebration for Jamie last night. The doors opened at 8:00, but Jamie's parents were coming a little early. They arrived at 7:30 while I was still getting cleaned up for the party. Jamie ran downstairs and I just heard all kinds of commotion.

Doug had decided to fly in and surprise Jamie for her birthday. Not a bad surprise, and neither Jamie's folks nor Doug had let on at all that he would be here.

Anyway, heck of a birthday surprise.

For Leaguers who attended: thanks so much for showing up. We sincerely appreciate you guys, and last night was a lot of fun. And we all partook in some delicious Force-infueled "Yoda Soda", thanks to Leaguer Nicole (and thanks to Lauren for the cookies, JAL for the fudge brownies, Susan for the chocolate raspberry treats, Judy for the pigs in a blanket, Juan and Letty for like, 3 different things they brought, Heather for the wine, and all the things I lost track of in the crush of folks coming in the door)

Anyway, we throw these parties mostly so we can eat their food and drink their booze and eat their desserts for weeks after the event.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

New Year Party Invitation

Hey, everybuddy!

We're officially doing New Year here at League HQ. Consider this your warning/ invitation.

We would love to see all of you. No need to get all fancied-up, but if that's how you want to roll, then I applaud the extra-effort.

The past few years hosting the League Christmas Heckstravaganza has meant a few things:

1) We kind of peak on Christmas cheer about 1:00 AM the night of the party. Getting revved up for actual Christmas again after the party becomes a sort of work-out.
2) We miss other peoples' parties. I know, we're pretty unpopular. But we have received invites in the past.
3) We rarely have much of anything to do on New Year. This year, we will have an Alpha Plan.

Anyhow, consider yourself invited. Expect an electronic invite soon!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

A very, very early announcement

So... Jamie wanted me to tell all of you...

We will NOT be having a Holiday Party in early December this year. LudiChristmas 2008 is canceled. Jamie and Nicole began conspiring, and came up with a new plan.

Instead, we will be ringing in 2009 at League HQ. So, plan on spending New Years Eve with (in no particular order) Jamie, Nicole, Matt (unless he has karate), Mel, Lucy, Jeff the Cat, and yours truly (The League. XOXOXOXO).

There will be frivolity, fun, games, prizes, pontificating, and a 3:00 AM appearance by Jeff Shoemaker, who really knows how to time his arrival for a party.

And you (yeah, you) are invited.

Nicole has also promised to, at midnight, kiss anyone who shows up without a date. Jason is just going to kiss everyone, anyway. With a mouth full of Funyuns.

So, December 31st... ring in the New Year at League HQ. And don't bring beer. We always end up with 2/3rd of everyone's beer, which Jamie then gives to middle schoolers.

We'll get all this sorted out.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mel Turns 10

The celebration of Melapalooza '08 was this weekend, but Tuesday April 22nd marks the 10th birthday of Melbotis Perkins.

He will get a trip to the vet, many treats and a walkies.

The Birthday Boy hisself.

The birthday boy with his biggest fan.

Little sisters get to come to the party, too.

And sometimes relatives come in from out of town for parties. Mel with Kristen and Doug.

Cassidy was all set to party.

And here is your League, in his "pontificatin' hat"

Happy 10th Birthday to the best darn dog any boy ever had.

You can see the photostream here.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Thanks, Leaguers!

Hey, Leaguers!

I think its safe to say Mel had himself a great birthday party yesterday. We missed those of you who couldn't make it. Perhaps the next League gathering?

Thanks to those of you who could make it to the party. A special thanks to both those who brought Mel gifts, brought food, etc..., and a special welcome to doggie guests Pierre and Levi. We had five dogs in the yard, and it seemed that they all had a pretty good time. Although poor Pierre had it in for my plastic squirrels I keep on the front porch.

Jason posted some nice pics here.

Leaguers came from near and as far away as the furthest reaches of Parmer Lane (hi, Sue!). We had some new guests with Jason and Mike, as well as Amy C. Our timing with the Shoemakers was a bit off, and for that I apologize. We'll have to catch up with dinner this week. The In-Laws attended what will surely be the first of many League HQ parties, and despite the fact I would not eat Judy's blue-cheese crackers (look, I can't deal with blue cheese), it was fun to have them meet so many of the folks they've heard about over the years.

Mel had a great time (that much attention never hurt him). It was great to catch up with so many folks. We even wrapped things up and headed over to Madam Mam's for some Thai food at 8:30 or so. So, I think it was, all-in-all, a success.

Special Request: If anyone is posting pictures to Flickr, etc... let me know.

Doug and Kristen are leaving today, so by this evening, its going to be pretty lonely around League HQ.

Next week will probably be a lot of putting my nose to the grindstone and job-hunting. If, uh, anyone knows of any local companies looking for an able-bodied project manager, let me know.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Melapalooza on SATURDAY

Hey all,

Everyone who reads this is welcome to attend Melapalooza '08. Please be aware that we open doors at 2:00. I think there's some confusion over what time the party starts, so I just want to make sure I make a final note about that one. As much as we love all of you, I'm kicking you folks out before midnight.

The League needs his beauty rest.

Anyway, hope to see everyone. If you need directions, etc... do not hesitate to e-mail.



Wednesday, April 09, 2008

League Birthday Happenings

The League turns 33 on Saturday.

I know. I look much older and far worse than 33, but there you go.

I'm not having a b-day party (we're saving that for Mel), but we are going to go grab dinenr at Artz Rib House on Saturday, sometime around 7:30ish. If you're in town, why don't you pop in and enjoy some BBQ?

In addition to seeing me down about 15 lbs. of beef ribs, none other than Austin's own Flyin' A's are playing from 7:30 - 9:30. I figure: you can either show up and have a beer, or have dinner or whatever. We'll probably clear out around 9:30, so you could still have the rest of your night.

We're not really planning anything else, but if you want to hang out afterward, that might be arranged.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Melapalooza: April 19th, 2008

Mel's 10th birthday is April 22nd, 2008. However, we're celebrating on April 19th, 2008. And you (yes, you, Steven) are invited (also, others).

It's my birthday, ya'll

Doug and Kristen will be in town for the festivities, and Doug has promised that he will demonstrate his famous "Fire and Sword Swallowing Act". Blindfolded. While Kristen throws knives at him.

I am on strike as far as the BBQing goes. It always winds up that I spend the whole time over the grill, worried that I am charring someone's burger or hotdog. This year we'll figure something else out. Or I'll cook on our new grill pan.

There will be Wii, soda and a cake for Mel. This year, its all about Mr. Puppy Pants turning the big One-Oh.

More announcements soon.