Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mel Turns 10

The celebration of Melapalooza '08 was this weekend, but Tuesday April 22nd marks the 10th birthday of Melbotis Perkins.

He will get a trip to the vet, many treats and a walkies.

The Birthday Boy hisself.

The birthday boy with his biggest fan.

Little sisters get to come to the party, too.

And sometimes relatives come in from out of town for parties. Mel with Kristen and Doug.

Cassidy was all set to party.

And here is your League, in his "pontificatin' hat"

Happy 10th Birthday to the best darn dog any boy ever had.

You can see the photostream here.


J.S. said...
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J.S. said...

Is it just coincidence that the League usually has a drink in his hand and is somewhat squinty eyed by the time the "pontificatin' hat" makes an appearance?

Anonymous said...

again, so sorry i missed this. too much going on with family in town. seeing these pics makes me sad. i miss mel. i can't believe he's 10. you guys and mangum are the only ones i saw that has known him since he was a baby. waaaaaaah. :-( give him a sloppy kiss for me. and a tennis ball. :-)

The League said...

He gets lots of love, so no worries. Anytime you want to see him, just let us know.