Thursday, April 24, 2008

The French Fork

Hey Leaguers,

League-pal Letty has started a new food-oriented blog. Letty is from the countryside of France, and a bit of a gourmand. She's mixing stories, observations, etc... and recipes and thoughts on food. And it's good reading. Food is life. Life is food.

Letty became an American citizen in 2007, has been married to League-former-co-worker and pal Juan Garcia for.. a while... I forget. Anyway, their own story is kind of wacky in and of itself.

Here at The League, we adore Letty and we hope to continue to encourage her with her blogging and cooking (which has often benefited The League). So swing on by The French Fork. Tell Letty "howdy".

If you're a food blogger, why not link to her? I'm sure she'd reciprocate.

1 comment:

Laetitia said...

Thanks for writing about the French Fork! And thanks for the blogging tips, Master!

Hooray to the League! :)