Monday, September 07, 2009

Halloween Spooktacular 2009!

So, it seems we're going to do this thing. Based largely upon the fact that Matt has come up with two very good costume ideas.

Also, we need to redeem ourselves for the lousy Halloween party we tried circa 1999. That thing was a bust. But this year, we know how to ensure everyone has terrifying fun:

add warm water and H1N1, and it truly is a frightening party game

It's a Costume Party

We're planning a costume contest, and we'd prefer it if you played ball by actually wearing a costume. And, no, "serial killers look just like everyone else" does not count. Jason in antennas claiming to be "The Blair Witch", however...

Will your 6 Million Dollar Man costume win the contest?

We'll be kicking things off around 8:30, and we hope to see you there. We know Halloween is a kooky night, so we fully expect people to come and go as the evening goes on. We can't promise fire dancers or anything too exotic, but I would expect we can still scare up a pretty darn good time.

Goodness. She IS the most sincere kid in the pumpkin patch.

E-mail me if you'd like to come but somehow fell off my list on Facebook, etc... where I've posted announcements.

On Kids: We know that Halloween is a kid-friendly Holiday, and while we love your kids, too... If Scout eats your kid, all I'm going to be able to do is apologize. We are happy to have them, but nobody ever accused League HQ of being an overly toddler-friendly place.

Rides Home: I will also see what I can find out about safe rides home. Halloween is a tricky night for driving, and we want all of our friends to make it home safe and sound.

What You Can Do: Do you have any ideas for the party? Share them. Have treats or goodies for the party? Bring them. I'm still requesting people think long and hard before bringing a case of beer. But if you really wanted to make popcorn balls, nobody is telling you not to.


Anonymous said...

I want to dance. Can we dance? I don't do that fancy stuff like Steven and Lauren. I do the pump your heels up and down stiff robot arm jig.


The League said...

Of course we can dance. The dogs would be sad if there was no dancing.

We look forward to your performance of the robot.

J.S. said...

You may have to borrow my stereo if there's gonna be dancing. But I fully support the idea of a dance off (and there should be prizes).