Sunday, March 22, 2009

Party, trek, etc...


Some of us are cautiously optimistic about the new Star Trek film hitting theaters this summer. While we look at the blow-dried, bottle-blond Kirk and the all-sexy, mail-order catalog crew with no small amount of pessimism, we're still hoping that a reboot of the Trek franchise will breathe some new life into the concept.

Others are seeing something else in the trailer. Got this from Doug.

Zack Snyder directs Wall-E

For Steven and Lauren

Suddenly: Doug!

We had some friends and family over for a pre-Birthday celebration for Jamie last night. The doors opened at 8:00, but Jamie's parents were coming a little early. They arrived at 7:30 while I was still getting cleaned up for the party. Jamie ran downstairs and I just heard all kinds of commotion.

Doug had decided to fly in and surprise Jamie for her birthday. Not a bad surprise, and neither Jamie's folks nor Doug had let on at all that he would be here.

Anyway, heck of a birthday surprise.

For Leaguers who attended: thanks so much for showing up. We sincerely appreciate you guys, and last night was a lot of fun. And we all partook in some delicious Force-infueled "Yoda Soda", thanks to Leaguer Nicole (and thanks to Lauren for the cookies, JAL for the fudge brownies, Susan for the chocolate raspberry treats, Judy for the pigs in a blanket, Juan and Letty for like, 3 different things they brought, Heather for the wine, and all the things I lost track of in the crush of folks coming in the door)

Anyway, we throw these parties mostly so we can eat their food and drink their booze and eat their desserts for weeks after the event.


J.S. said...

Boy, you couldn't have hit the nail more on the head with that shirt! That is so true!!!

Anonymous said...

Finally they have decided to make Star Trek more manly, like me!

The League said...

I should point out that the Trek trailer was re-mixed by one of Doug's friends. The music is from Parker & Stone's "Orgazmo".

J.S. said...

I dig the song in Dug's Trek trailer and I think Reed, Jason, and platypus should cover it. Incidentally, I think that song would work equally well in trailers for the original series.

Anonymous said...

"Trek trailer was re-mixed by one of Doug's friends. The music is from Parker & Stone's "Orgazmo".

Yeah, I figured the Star Trek creators would maybe not want to use the song about a girl's big titties in it. But, it is deceiving at the beginning. Enterprise ventured a little bit into that territory with it's title track.

Dug said...

My friend M.J. gets credit for the Star Trek mashup.