Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jamie's Birthday

Wednesday is Jamie's Birthday. Please, please take a moment and drop her a "Happy Birthday" here in the comments section.

Jamie is actually sick, fighting a cold or something. I suspect her birthday is going to be subpar as we make her some soup and try to get her better rather than going out to eat or something.

I think I say this every year, but I'm always much more excited about Jamie's birthday than my own, and so this year we had a few friends over for a party. Jamie looked lovely, and all had a good time, I think.

You can see what Jamie had to say about it here, and what Jason had to say, here.

When people say "what can I get Jamie for her birthday?", the answer is: just say "hi" to her. Even if its being like Doug and flying to Austin to surprise her. The girl is notoriously difficult to shop for as she doesn't have too many material wants, so.. just say "hi, hope you're okay", and she's happy.

Anyhow, she'll get a little more in the way of a material gift from me tomorrow (but not much). And I hope she has the energy to enjoy it.

Happy birthday, Jamie. Love you.

You are better than a 1000 Lynda Carters. Even with muppets.


J.S. said...

Happy birthday, Jamie! Hope you feel better!

Steven said...

It was a wonderful party, full of red cups and a (whoa!) high-heeled Jamie and....Doug?


NTT said...

Happy Birthday!

Jill said...

Have a wonderful birthday, Jamie!!

RHPT said...

Happy happy birthday, Jamie!