Wednesday, April 09, 2008

League Birthday Happenings

The League turns 33 on Saturday.

I know. I look much older and far worse than 33, but there you go.

I'm not having a b-day party (we're saving that for Mel), but we are going to go grab dinenr at Artz Rib House on Saturday, sometime around 7:30ish. If you're in town, why don't you pop in and enjoy some BBQ?

In addition to seeing me down about 15 lbs. of beef ribs, none other than Austin's own Flyin' A's are playing from 7:30 - 9:30. I figure: you can either show up and have a beer, or have dinner or whatever. We'll probably clear out around 9:30, so you could still have the rest of your night.

We're not really planning anything else, but if you want to hang out afterward, that might be arranged.


Anonymous said...

Whoa! I'll not only be in Austin, but I'm still in the planning stages of what's going to happen this weekend. I think I could coerce my traveling partner (in from San Francisco for her first visit to Austin) into meeting a bunch of strangers, er, bloggers since that's how we met as well.

I'll keep you posted.

J.S. said...

I'm finally gonna meet Natalie?!

tachyonshuggy said...

Yah Mo be there

-Jeff S

Carla said...

Sorry we can't be there but eat some bbq for us! Have a great birthday!

Anonymous said...

Lydia and I will be there. Exciting!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

The League said...

I am quite giddy. This should be a to-do. Wish the G's could be there, but that's okay. We'll catch up when I return your cake dish. Mmmm... cake.