Sunday, April 06, 2008

Cheston Merges with the Infinite

Toll the bells, and come not to me with words of good cheer, Leaguers. Aye, turn your eyes neither toward Earth nor Heaven in joy, but let them hear your weeping and lamentations. So above, so below.

The great one is gone. He shall stride the world no more.

Ne'er again shall we see his like. His grace. His very Chestonness which made him the Cheston. He's been called home by the cosmos, too great for this wretched world, yet always making this orb greater by his presence.

Now gone. Gone forever.

I say adieu. And goodnight, sweet prince. The world shall be poorer without your light.

Charlton Heston has merged with the infinite

The League is in mourning.


Anonymous said...

I guess they can take his guns now. From his cold dead hands.

J.S. said...

I was gonna make the obligatory, "Get your hands off my fully automatic handgun, you damn, dirty ape!" joke, but this anonymous person sort of beat me to it.

The League said...

I was going to post the pre-requisite photo of Cheston smooching Zira, but then I saw a mostly naked and insanely tan Cheston sporting a gun (an ape gun, no less!), and it kinda sums up the man in so many ways.

The League doesn't hold truck with the "we can't read a complete sentence" mentality of the NRA, but we also believe in celebrating the things we DO like about a person, as well as what we don't. We feel this way about folks from John Wayne to Martha Stewart (who really knows how to do up Halloween).

Had Cheston been nothing but an NRA chairman and not been featured ins o many fine films, my opinion might be different. But he did. And he starred in one of my favorite movies fo all time. In fact, it is a little known fact that Jeff the Cat's middle name is "Taylor" in honor of Cheston's PotA's lead character.

Anonymous said...

Some news reports are mentioning the fact that Heston, despite his NRA Second Amendment stance, was no right-wing party line guy. He marched with Dr. King, etc....

J.S. said...

Yeah, Cheston made some good movies. I'm not gonna knock the monkey movies or Omega Man just because Cheston thought our gradeschoolers ought to be packing heat.