Sunday, September 28, 2008

A very, very early announcement

So... Jamie wanted me to tell all of you...

We will NOT be having a Holiday Party in early December this year. LudiChristmas 2008 is canceled. Jamie and Nicole began conspiring, and came up with a new plan.

Instead, we will be ringing in 2009 at League HQ. So, plan on spending New Years Eve with (in no particular order) Jamie, Nicole, Matt (unless he has karate), Mel, Lucy, Jeff the Cat, and yours truly (The League. XOXOXOXO).

There will be frivolity, fun, games, prizes, pontificating, and a 3:00 AM appearance by Jeff Shoemaker, who really knows how to time his arrival for a party.

And you (yeah, you) are invited.

Nicole has also promised to, at midnight, kiss anyone who shows up without a date. Jason is just going to kiss everyone, anyway. With a mouth full of Funyuns.

So, December 31st... ring in the New Year at League HQ. And don't bring beer. We always end up with 2/3rd of everyone's beer, which Jamie then gives to middle schoolers.

We'll get all this sorted out.


Unknown said...

Yeah! And boxes of man-n-cheese!

The League said...

Let us exit 2008 with the same lack of dignity with which we experienced the year.

tachyonshuggy said...

I'll be there by 1:30 at the latest.

The League said...

We're always just glad to have you and the missus when we can get you. Hope you can come by and enjoy some Nu Yir festivities.

J.S. said...

New Years has always been anticlimactic ever since 2000, when we all thought that Y2K problems were going to turn the world Mad Max by New Year's Day.