Wednesday, October 01, 2008

This Week

This week has been exhausting.

This weekend will get worse. We have to basically move all the stuff out of the first floor and into the garage. We're re-doing the floors and that means... nothing on the first floor.

Thursday Night

Jason's band is playing at Somnio's at 1807 South First tomorrow, around dinner time.

I can't speak for the food, as I haven't tried it yet, but I can guarantee that you'll be happy enough just seeing Jason rock out. I promise you, if you show up, he will totally windmill Townsend style.

Tropic Thunder

As I haven't really been able to entertain Jamie properly in over a week, I acquiesced and took her to see "Tropic Thunder" at the Alamo.

It's a good renter or HBO movie. Reasonably funny, I guess. I could see how certain interests groups took umbrage, but I can also see, from a Hollywood point of view, what their point might have been. Unfortunately, the two met in a certain point where it could be taken either way.

The Departed and Cable

I finally watched "The Departed" last weekend. I can't tell you how much that was exactly my kind of movie.

We currently have some premium movie channels as well as Netflix, and it led to a discussion between Jamie, Jason and myself that Jamie always wants for me to cancel the channels, but I've seen about six movies in the past month that I've meant to watch and missed, one way or another.

Jamie was insisting that I should get the same out of Netflix, but Jason pointed out "when he has the movie channels, he doesn't need to overcome his cynicism regarding the movies that keeps him from putting them in his queue or committing." And there are bibles of truth to that statement. I've also just NOT watched a few movies I recorded, and I think I like that freedom.

I think subscription based pay-per-view could definitely be up my alley. They kind of have those services now, and my digital cable offers movies for $1.99. It's increasingly how I want to partake of my media.

But, yeah, I really enjoyed The Departed.

October is Here

Help Jason and I come up with some movies to watch this spooky holiday season! Send in your recommendations!


I want to see the new movie. It's been a month or so since a movie piqued my interest, but this one has done it.


Anonymous said...

You should check out Infernal Affairs, the movie upon which Departed was based. I'd love to know which you prefer.

mrshl said...

Another vote for Infernal Affairs, but I liked both about the same. Both really, really good.

Also, me and Jordan went through the whole Netflix vs. Cable thing, and we ditched Netflix and kept cable. Our cable company (AT&T Uverse) has a crapload of On-Demand options from Starz, HBO, and Showtime, in addition to the actual movie channels. That's a better option for us, since we used to just let our Netflix movies languish unwatched before returning them with sadness in our hearts.

The League said...

Well, if "Internal Affairs" is on my Time-Warner movie selection, I will most certainly view it.

I haven't made it through all of the options for On-Demand, and they change out frequently. I have been impressed that there's at least some stuff, both at cost and for free, that I'd watch. And my movie channels also have an On-Demand feature as well.