Monday, March 10, 2008

New Frontier Contest-o-rama!

Hey, Leaguers!

The contest for winning a copy of the DCU Animated Movie "Justice League: New Frontier" has drawn to a close.

I appreciate everyone who entered, except for Jason, who chose to go middle-school on me. Also, he is wrong.

Jamie - Martian Manhunter
This may surprise you as I have never before disclosed this information, but my favorite Justice Leaguer is Martian Manhunter. The guy has some awesome powers comparable to Superman, yet I believe he is underrated. His plight as an outsider, too, is compelling and sympathetic.

JAL - Green Lantern
Member of the JLA I'd most like to be, and thus, my favorite: Green Lantern, badass costume and not a jerk, as far as I know. One accomplished dude before his superpowers, so he doesn't have some inferiority complex when it comes to Superman, again, as far as I know.

Bunny Box - Batman
my baby loves Batman cos he's intelligent, fit and a natural leader of the group. Plus, he's just a normal human being with lots of cool gadget. All that makes him try to improve himself daily.

Jason - Batman
My name is Jason Steans, and Batman is my favorite Leaguer, mostly because he's not wimpy and gay like Superman.

Michael - Flash
I'm never too proud to sign up for a free giveaway. Put my name in batman's cowl when March 7th rolls around.

As to my favorite league member... That is difficult, but as to the core members I must go with Flash.

Flash embodies what I like in a superhero. Carefree, powerful, nimble, capable and clever. Consider my Marvel favorites, Nightcrawler and Longshot, and it becomes clear that I like the guy who knows how to laugh, the conscience of the group, the one who has to remind everyone that, yes, we must stop Darkseid, but let us get to video games afterward.

simon macdonald - Batman
My favorite Leaguer has to be Batman. Anytime you face global threats with bat-a-rangs, intellect and peak condition as your only super powers, you're all right by me.

theresa n. - Batman
Batman is my favorite too. I even named my cat after him "Batman".

Edit update: The League makes a mistake
I forgot to include RHPT's entry.

RHPT - Booster Gold
My favorite Justice Leaguer is Booster Gold (does he count?). I like him because, if I had the power to travel back in time, I would use it to profit - and certainly not fight evil. Plus, he's got a robot sidekick.

And time travel is cool.

RHPT will receive a special bonus prize as he was overlooked when I made my entries for the drawing.


I literally put the names in my cowboy hat and stirred them around.

and I am proud to announce that the winner is...
Simon Mac Donald!

Simon, you can claim your prize either by booking a flight to Austin and swinging by my house, or...

Look over there on the left and click where it says "View my complete profile".
And then look under the Contact section where it says "Email".

Send me your e-mail and where you'd like the DVD sent.


Anonymous said...

You obviously overlooked my entry.

Simon MacDonald said...

You like me, you really, really like me! Ahem, I would like to thank the League for this prestigious award as well as God, my parents, my wife, my daughter, all of my teachers and coaches, my dry cleaner, the grocery store clerk because without you none of this would have been possible. Oh and Batman, can't forget Batman!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to enter. No one picked Hawkgirl? Green Arrow? Batzarro?


The League said...

RHPT, I did. Please resend me your address and I will send you a special consolation prize.

And congrats, Simon. I shall put the thing in the mail ASAP.

JMD - what you see if what you get. That Batman fellow is pretty popular.

mcsteans said...

JMD - No play, no complaining. ;)

Anonymous said...

Actually, I'm just going to get you back by continuing to send you Ms. Marvel issues.

Anonymous said...

Is RHPT Rip Hunter? - Kang

Michael Corley said...

While saddened not to win, it was worth it to read other folks reasons for their fave Justice member.

Plus, I totally think JAL needs a ring.

The League said...

I will see what i can do about JAL's ring.

Thanks again to everyone who participated. And don't forget, the DVD is available at Amazon, Target, etc...

Anonymous said...

Is RHPT Rip Hunter? - Immortus

J.S. said...

No way!! All these other people are suck ups!! I totally had the best entry, AND the best reasoning behind my pick. This contest is a gyp!

The League said...

Quiet, you. You can watch my DVD anytime, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Is RHPT Rip Hunter? - Pharaoh Rama-Tut

Anonymous said...

Is RHPT Rip Hunter? - The Doctor

The League said...

RHPT is Skeets.