Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Willie Nelson at 75

What can one write or say about Texas legend, Willie Nelson, that hasn't been written or said before? As much as folks down our way like to listen to Willie, it seems like the man graces the cover of Texas Monthly once every 18 months or so, with article attached.

On the radio this weekend, they were focusing on an all-day Willie retrospective. Tomorrow night, KGSR is dedicating the evening to a Willie celebration. And News 8 Austin is dedicating a good chunk of their day tomorrow to celebrating Willie.

Willie crosses all lines around here. Everyone from the hippies to the old, tarnished Texans loves the guy. Few self-respecting Texans do not know the words to, at least, "On the Road Again".

And if you don't own a copy of something along the lines of Willie Nelson: Super Hits, well, hang your head in shame, sir/ ma'am. But, mostly, pick it up and give it a listen.

I regret that I've never seen the man perform. Perhaps one day.

So, today and tomorrow I salute you, Willie. And I promise to listen to an album or two of your tomorrow in your honor.

Willie's very nice website.


J.S. said...

He's an icon, and a Texas national treasure. May his Whiskey River never run dry....

Unknown said...

There's a great quality to Van Zandt's "Poncho and Lefty," and everytime I hear Willie and Merle sing it, that great sense of forlornness prevails. He's a genuine character.

J.S. said...

Nicole is also a genuine character.

Anonymous said...

When I saw Willie at Floore's Country Store in 1994, he stayed afterwards to autograph anything and everything folks placed in front of him.

I didn't have anything for him to autograph, so when I got up near him and had a chance to speak, all I could think of to say was "God bless you, Willie Nelson!"

To which he smiled warmly and thanked me.