Saturday, June 28, 2008

Anyone up for Terror?

This week the Paramount is showing:

Frankenstein, Revenge of Frankstein, and The Haunting.

If you're up for it, I'm looking for movie going buddies. Here's the official Paramount schedule.

Monday: Frankenstein 7:00, Revenge of Frankenstein at 8:50
Tuesday: Revenge at 7:00, Frankenstein at 9:05
Wednesday: The Haunting 7:00
Thursday: The Haunting 9:10

I might try to go see Mary Poppins on Sunday. I love Mary Poppins.


J.S. said...

I would like to go see Frankenstein on Tuesday at 9:05 and The Haunting on Wednesday at 7:00 (or Thursday at 9:10).

Michael Corley said...

JAL and I watched the haunted in our teenie tiny tv at Jester. When the old woman pops out of nowhere we both screamed like little girls.

The League said...

Sold. Let's do the Tuesday show, and then decide from there about The Haunting.

And, Michael, I think you're thinking of "House on Haunted Hill", which is one of my Halloween favorites (yes, I own a copy)

J.S. said...

Oops. I forgot that I'm supposed to be having dinner with my neighbors on Tuesday night.

J.S. said...
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The League said...

That's cool. They can come, too.

I kid.

Well, I may still go on Tuesday.