Saturday, June 21, 2008

Why can't we all just dance...?

Its The League's firm opinion that the vast, vast majority of people, given the opportunity, would rather crack a beer with a complete stranger than shoot at them. Travel 'round the world, and we're all very different, but that doesn't mean we can't share a meal, get to know one another, or just... you know, dance badly.

And that's why The League always gives a tip of the hat to world traveler and jig-specialist "Matt".

You might recall the fellow from his YouTube video from a few years back. Apparently he'd set off for an amazing trip around the planet, and in every place he stopped, he had someone videotape him doing the same dance.

Well, Matt is back.

It seems Stride gum has sponsored Matt on another journey of epic proportions.

If seeing Matt share his dance with people all across the planet doesn't give you hope for humanity, I'm not sure what will.


Carla said...

Really great vid.

J.S. said...

This guy has about the same dancing style that The League employs.