Wednesday, July 09, 2008

DCU MMORPG preview!

Well, looks like I'll be needing to buy a new home PC fairly soon. The good folks at Sony Online Entertainment are getting pretty far along with their online multiplayer game set in the world of DC Comics.

I believe I am EXACTLY the target market for this game. I read piles of DC Comics, and I'm not averse to games, but I spend my time and money on comics rather than on, say, World of Warcraft. So, I think they can consider this one copy and a membership sold.

They're actually working on this game in Austin, which is sort of mind blowing. I've applied there once or twice, but Im not really sure how to shine the Bat Signal on me and say "seriously, I'll work like a maniac on this one."


J.S. said...

I'm really hoping you find a job before this game comes out.

Anonymous said...

I also hope you find a job before the game comes out....but just in case..I'll send a good word to the HR department for you....LOL... :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Kitty Online kicks this game's butt.

J.S. said...

Maybe going and turning in your resume at their office IN YOUR SUPERMAN SUIT (and yes, he has one, kids) will get their attention. It's not like you don't have the free time.

Michael Corley said...

I must warn you. Warn you hard. Once you start a game like this...


For me it dates back to Everquest, followed by Camelot, Anarchy, City of Heroes and currently World of Warcraft.

I LOVED City of Heroes, which is the grandaddy of this game, but as all MMORPGS one grows tired after a time.

I'm sure I'll pick up a copy of the DC game.