Wednesday, July 02, 2008

New Bond Trailer

Jamie will be pleased.

I really, really enjoyed Casino Royale. I'm not the Bond-ophile that JAL is, but I kind of felt the Bond franchise, previous to the Casino Royale relaunch had sort of become a weird parody of itself. It was like they'd lost focus of anything that grounded Bond as a real character and were trying to up the ante for a caricature with every movie.

Casino Royale seemed like a movie about a legitimate character, with real motivations rather than trying to squeeze in bad puns while keeping his hair perfectly straight. If you've been keeping up with Jason Bourne and Bond, its not a bad time for espionage-based action flicks.

Anyhoo, I'll be seeing this one.


JAL said...

Yeah, I liked it a great deal, except for that Flash animation they called a title sequence. The book is a pretty exciting read and I didn't mind the updated action to more modern thrills, though, as I recall, the abduction of Vesper, as laid out in the original story was very well written.

Simon MacDonald said...

I'm a huge Bond fan and the last movie really got me back into the series. Finally a reboot that actually works.

The trailer looks great for QOS. Good to see they are continuing the thread from the last movie.

J.S. said...

When are they going to bring back the motorized crocodile submarine from Octopussy? I demand it.

JAL said...

SPOILER ALERT - I believe Bond has a Narwhal scooter in QOS. Not even SMERSH can resist a Narwhal, and Bond knows it!