Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Troubles McSteans!

Jamie has decided to launch a blog.

I have no clue where the urge came from, and I'm not asking.

Unlike many bloggers, Jamie has a story to share. Its a story I've mentioned here, but that I've kept somewhat close to the vest as I never felt it was my story to tell.

It's my hope that through the blog, you'll see a bit of what I see in Jamie. I wouldn't have gotten serious about her if she weren't smart and funny. She's insightful, tough and genuinely cares about other people. She's also fighting every day, and I hope maybe you can get something out of how she handles her trials and tribulations with no small amount of panache.

It'll be interesting to see where she does with the blog, and if she decides to stick with it.

So, pop over for a visit, will you?

Troubles McSteans


J.S. said...

I hope Jamie spends at least some of her time posting pictures of the League that are taken of him while he's asleep or otherwise unaware. Another funny column might come from doing stuff like putting itching powder in his underwear or sedatives in his coffee, and then writing about what happens next. Another good idea might come from dressing Mel up as a little human and seeing what kind of places you can take him (you know- Mel goes to test drive new Hondas and stuff like that). I'm full of ideas.

Unknown said...

Word from Hobbit Hole: I've had a hard enough time reading your crap, now I have to read hers too? ; ) Mel can drive my Honda anytime, but he has to wear a cowboy hat and raise one paw when we pass someone on the highway. And speaking of that...I dig you and mcsteans and think the friendship you share as a couple is admirable to a degree of which I dare not speak. By God, I think you actually enjoy spending time together and might even like each other. Here's to dual blogging from the Steans' Ranch!