Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The past few days have not been banner days at League HQ.

This made me feel a bit better. Radiohead covering New Order.

found at BeaucoupKevin.com


Simon MacDonald said...

Thanks man! Great way to start the day.

Unknown said...

I was shamed at Crowley High (by the cool vampy girl) for not readily knowing who New Order was. I ended up in an electronic band with an ASR-10 sampler, Yamaha WX-11 wind controller, and a mean understanding of FM synthesis and sampling per the illustrious Juan D. (I still have the 3 1/2" binder/notebook filled with my 1st homework assignments and printed graphs.) "Temptation" moves my hips and lips every time, but "Lonesome Tonight" has a regular rotation on IH-35 and displays a classic New Order mood: "A heart that's left at home becomes a heart of stone. How many times before did you leave my soul alone?"

J.S. said...

Yeah, she talks a good game, but Nicole always runs away in fear whenever we try to talk her into sitting in for a few songs during the Steans Family Musical Jamboree. We even offered to let her play from behind a curtain! (and we can learn New Order! Truly we can!!)

The League said...

I picked up New Order "Singles" today on iTunes. That's 30 songs for $9.99. Not bad.

Anyway, its been a long time since I'd listened to New Order, and I was surprised I'd never picked up their stuff. I've always known and enjoyed New Order, but somehow never wound up with any in my collection.


And, yes, we'll play New Order in our band, Nicole.

Steven said...

I thought that it was pretty cool the way Thom was channeling Bernard Sumner in the mike styling.

Simon MacDonald said...

Speaking of Radiohead, check out their new trippy video for House of Cards.