Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm off

Tomorrow Jason and I are off to Florida for my grandmother's funeral. We'll be meeting up with my Dad's side of the family in central Florida. The funeral is Friday. Saturday we're back on an aeroplane and should be home before too late in the evening.

So, you know, expect blogging until Monday to be pretty light.

In the meantime, you can visit Jamie's blog. Or Lauren's blog. Or Steven's, for that matter. Or any of the blogs in my "League Links" section.

No pressure to update your blogs, guys.

I'll also not be seeing "The Dark Knight" until after all the rest of you. So, you know, no spoilers, please.

And I'm not going to be attending the Astros v. Cubs game in Houston. Nor will I get to catch up with any Houston friends, like we'd planned. Sorry, ya'll. And sorry to the Astros, who really could have used my support vs. The Cubs.

I hope the rest of your week goes well.


mcsteans said...

Go Cubs.

Steven said...

In observation of The League's recommendation above, I've put together a Leaguer-laced post that involves:

Ryan's mail to be about the content of “Colbert” last night

Nicole's unknown-to-me keyboarding talents

The Musicing

...and my League-given birthday gift from last year

Read It Here

Go ’Stros!

tachyonshuggy said...

Ryan, why did you never tell me there was a Batzarro, The World's Worst Detective:

tachyonshuggy said...