Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Well, Nicole is at our house for the evening. And maybe until Friday. I'm not sure.

It seems Nicole had herself a very rough night last night and wound up in the ER feeling ultra-funky. The thinking is that it were a kidney stone that done it. Unfortunately, much of Nicole's support crew is out of town (Matt's at a family reunion, Letty and Juan G. in Boston), so we've opened up the doors of League HQ to our ill amiga.

It's a packed house. We've got Nicole, but we've also got Judy (Jamie's mom) who is here for an appointment with Jamie. And, to top things off, Cassidy is here, too. Jason dropped her off while he's in San Antonio for some sort of continuing legal education conference.

To make things work, tonight I am crashing on the couch. And I am looking forward to the 5:00 AM decision Cassidy will surely make to begin licking my nose. It's funny the things I'll tolerate from Cassidy that would end poorly if Lucy made the same decision. And how weirded out I'd be if it were Nicole who were licking my nose.

Anyway, I'm glad we can put Nicole and Cassidy up, and I'm glad Judy is here to help out with Jamie's appointment. I'll let her cover all that on her blog, if she so chooses.


Steven said...

A Full House good morning to you, then. May Uncle Jesse bless your day.

The League said...

A quick update: Cassidy did not lick my nose at 5:00 AM. Instead, at 6:30 this morning, she managed to jump up and get her nose in my open mouth while I was sleeping.

We've achieved a new high in Cassidy surprise attach greetings.