Monday, July 28, 2008

Alamo Drafthouse Trailers

No post tonight. Going to do other stuff.

Not all of you live in Austin, so you might not have been able to enjoy the Alamo Drafthouse as your movie venue of choice.

JasonC pointed to the Alamo Drafthouse preview pieces on Vimeo. Every month they make a new trailer highlighting some of the month's big events, and its always fun to sit through. And its always amazing to see how much stuff they cook up every month. I think I make it to about 1/8th of the stuff I would gladly attend.

Anyway, they're usually cut together pretty well, so check out the trailers for July and August.

July's Alamo Previews from Henri Mazza on Vimeo.

August's Alamo Montage from Henri Mazza on Vimeo.

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