Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Animated Wonder Woman in February

hey, Leaguers!

here's a link Randy sent me for a trailer to an upcoming animated Wonder Woman movie.

Linkety Link.

I am very excited about new Wonder Woman media, and this looks like its as much fun as I'd hope an animated Wonder Woman film could be. And because longtime DCU animators and DC Comics writers are involved, it looks like they're getting the character down pretty well. At least what see looks familair to the spirit of the comics, even if I can't tell what the story is about, per se.

Also, here's the movie's official website.


mcsteans said...

Yay, Wonder Woman!

I hope this WW isn't as one dimensionally angry as she was in Justice League/JLU.

Glad to see WW finally get some attention, even though this isn't a big summer live action. It's probably good they do this first considering I have little faith that WB wouldn't make a totally crappy movie (casting Mischa Barton or someone).

J.S. said...

I would like to see a movie about an UNanimated Wonder Woman. You know, Wonder Woman lays around the house in her sweats, eating ice cream and maybe reading women's magazines. Something like that.

NTT said...

The JLU Wonder Woman was trying to capture the classic George Perez/Carl Potts relaunch (1987-1992)of WW back in the which I think was the best incarnation of the character yet published from DC. He made her younger, more naive and tied her legacy to the Greek legends.

DC completely dropped the ball on WW in that run and did absolutely nothing to promote the title instead concentrating on the junk that was John Byrne's Man of Steel.

So now, Bruce Timm and company I think are trying to recapture that. Anywhoo, the animation on JLU has always been hit or miss; sometimes great, many times atrocious. Hopefully, it'll be at least on the consistent level of JLU concluding episodes that were nicely detailed instead of looking like having been done by a studio composed of 2 Hanna Barbera animators.

The League said...

I am a fan of the George Perez WW, which I only really discovered with the release of reprints about three or four years ago. I'd fallen into the series thanks to the work of Phil Jimenez, and continue to follow the title. I am not sure I'll ever fill in the blanks between the last of the Perez trades and where my collection picks of floppies picks up.

I can also say my dear wife has read all of my WW trades, as well as the Jimenez and Rucka reprints I picked up for her. I think she's got a lot of love for all of those creators' work, and felt that the JLU version just never really captured what she liked about WW in those issues. Instead of the woman reaching for understanding, she was almost always frustrated and looking to break stuff in the JLU series. The angle of diplomat for peace was dropped almost completely.

That said, I never felt the WW episodes were a loss. I still really enjoyed them. I just never felt that WW felt as three-dimensional in the cartoon as she did in the comics.