Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Movie Trailers now 100% less Awesome

Movie trailer voiceover maestro Don LaFontaine has passed on.

An article here.

yeah, it's the "In a world..." guy.

I am sad to hear this news. Not only was LaFontaine only 68, but we'll now be denied the voice my generation associates with the movies.

Godspeed, sir. May your merging with the infinite be as exciting as your voiceovers.


Michael Corley said...

He is, was, no, IS my hero. He is everything I want to be in an actor.

He's doing the VO's for the pearly gates now, and doing it with feeling.

"In an afterlife..."

The League said...

I imagine the folks in the cafeteria in Afterlife Acres are pretty psyched to find Don in line for the Heavenly Meatloaf. He's going to have, like, Abraham Lincoln pestering him to introduce him as "one man who is willing to fight for the preservation of a nation...!"