Sunday, August 31, 2008

UT Wins (not a huge surprise)

I don't like the word "fun". People use it to the point that it's almost meaningless. Not everything is equal shades of "fun". Such as going to the comic shop is, indeed, "fun", but it's still really looking for stuff to read that you hope will be even more "fun". Going out to grab a bite with pals is, indeed, "fun". But so is a quiet dinner with Jamie.

If the eskimos have 200,000 words for snow, why are we stuck with one word for "fun"? There should be a scale.

Anyway, all of this is to say that on the fun-scale, I have to rate the UT game very, very high. Yeah, our seats were incredibly high up. We literally walked up ten-flights worth of ramps to get to section 116. But our view was actually really nice, and we could see the Jumbotron and side-mounted scoreboards just fine.

The crowd was great, UT played really well (I have no worries about McCoy's readiness this season. The boy is looking top-notch.), the band was in top form, and we even enjoyed a breeze in our very high seats.

The crew I went to the game with was comprised of myself, my folks and David. David hadn't ever been to UT game (or college game, I think), and its been well over a decade since I've been to a UT game.

The additions to UT stadium since I last went are pretty awesome. Sure, they could use an escalator to the 10th floor, but it's an amazing facility. And football live is genuinely great to watch, especially with a hyped-up, hometown crowd.

For the record, this was UT playing it's annual "bring in the smaller school so we can pummel them and whip our fans into a frenzy" game. UT defeated Florida Atlantic 52-10. Florida Atlantic had no running game to speak of, but did find the weak spots in our secondary in their passing game. Hopefully that can be corrected by the time we play Arkansas.

Man, I'm tired. I'm going to bed.

Hook 'Em.


J.S. said...

Thanks for the post! Reading it was a lot of fun!

The League said...


Michael Corley said...

Can we make Fantastifuckerific a 10 fun scale word?

The League said...

Michael Cornelius Corley! You go wash your mouth out with soap!

And, yes. In the rare instance of a 10, you may do so.

Anonymous said...

Anyone hear how A&M did in their first game ? I didn't see them mention it on Sportscenter. Reed, can you fill us in ?

He he he......


The League said...

No, no... we can get into political and religious debate here, but we know the importance of football to a person's soul.

Let us take but a moment to know that our own Longhorns will no doubt have less a perfect record this season.

but, also:

he he he...!

NTT said...

Can we now acknowledge that NFL experience doesn't add a whole lot to coaching college players? And that Pete Carroll is more unique than everyone thought?

NTT said...

Also, why is it that every team and their mascot gets to take late hits on Colt McCoy every season and gets away with it?

The League said...

I saw Colt take two hits once he was out of bounds. Its always odd for 100,000 live fans to see something fishy and for the refs to somehow miss it.