Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"Sunny" returns tomorrow

Hey, just a heads-up that League-favorite program "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" returns tomorrow on the FX network.

Official Link
, which, I believe, shoots loud, loud music at you. So be careful.

"Sunny" is definitely not to everyone's taste, but, by gosh, it is to mine. Just, uh... clear the kids out of the room before watching.

I confess to a special fondness for Kaitlin Olson's character, "Sweet Dee". The character seems to channel Jamie at times, particularly when exasperated or trying to prove the rest of the cast wrong, which occurs just about every episode, just as it occurs just about every day at League HQ.

Leaguers will be shocked to learn I like scrappy blondes

Due to the nature of many of Sweet Dee's better moments (the welfare episode is still a gem), Jamie will, no doubt, be horrified that I've made the comparison. But there you have it.

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