Monday, November 03, 2008

random bits


I keep forgetting to download Girl Talk's latest. Someone remind me to do so (JAL).

Also, I have not yet purchased the new Byrne/ Eno album. I need to do so. Well, NEED is a strong word. I will live to see tomorrow without the record, but... do I really want to?

TAL and Public Radio:

I have not downloaded This American Life to my iPod in MONTHS. Last night I did so, but it seems it only took a few podcasts to my iPod. I am missing the one Randy mentioned to me, I think, which includes a story on a guy who dresses as Superman every single day.

That's commitment, Leaguers. Or commitable.

TAL is one of the greatest programs in any medium. I feel I fail myself when I do not keep up. But I also know I need a full hour of my life to give to the show without any reading, visual or auditory distractions, and finding the time is often very difficult.

Ira Glass, btw, was hilarious during the recent KUT pledge drive. I guess he did this for public radio in general, but he called people he knew hadn't ever pledged to public radio before and confronted them as only Ira Glass can, in his unmistakable voice.

Great radio.

BTW, if you didn't pledge to your local public radio affiliate, get on the stick.

A win for TPR over KUT, btw. My in-laws were getting both in San Marcos, but sunspots or some damned thing are interfering with their TPR reception, so my father-in-law was plotting the installation of a new antenna solely for the reception of TPR as, apparently, John Ailey is not his cup of tea.

Well played, Mr. Nathan.

Election Night Coverage

The GOPers in the readership will groan, but I may stick with NPR's coverage of the election results Tuesday night. And probably the Colbert/ Stewart hour long live thing.

I believe the Comedy Central show ss called Indecision '08 and will begin running at 10:00 Eastern.

Otherwise, I may eschew television as... seriously, John King, I know what a SmartBoard is. Quit touching it and writing on it. It's obnoxious. You're like a five year spazzing out at the science museum.

And by the way...

How sad that Obama's grandmother passed away prior to the election results (provided he wins, which I'm guessing he might based on recent polls).

I was going to write a long thing here about the paranoid conspiracy nuts and Obama's recent return to Hawaii to see his grandmother... but mostly, I just feel bad that Obama has been robbed of his mother and father already. And then to lose the grandmother who cared for him so close to the election...


mrshl said...

You know, both Girl Talk and the Byrne / Eno record are available on

You could probably get them both for free just by participating in the trial membership.

I've been an eMusic subscriber since 2001, and I buy just about 80% of my music from the site. I'm kind of a fanboy about it. Give it a try, if you haven't already. First 25 (or 50) songs are free. I'll send you an invite if you like.

The League said...

Second (and completely unrelated) rec for eMusic in 24 hours. I will take a look this evening if I have down time. Thank you, sir.

J.S. said...

Down time meaning time when he's not reading comic books or trying to make his cat's entire head fit into his mouth.

Anonymous said...

Please tell the McBride family thank you from me for listening to TPR. We appreciate them!

And yes, those Ira Glass bits were produced for all stations. We aired them, too.

The League said...

Jason is actually kinda right. I don't maintain my music library very well unless I wind up in my office for several hours at a time. That hasn't been the case of late.

Poor kitty. His head is all covered with my teeth marks.

mcsteans said...

And yet, my leg is covered with kitty's teeth marks.

JAL said...

Girl Talk is available in the "pay as you wish" format from