Sunday, November 02, 2008

Long Weekend

Howdy Leaguers,


First things first. Yes, UT lost to Tech on Saturday night, dropping them from the top of the BCS heap to a lower position. 6, I think. Yes, I am disappointed. On the other hand, UT's defense wasn't exactly phenomenal, UT's offense looked lackluster, and Tech looked amazing from beginning to end. So, yeah, you lose games that way.

If Tech doesn't get cocky, they have a real opportunity this season. Huge.

I love my Horns, but... stuff happens.

Anyhow, we're not completely out of it yet. There are a few games left for everyone, and as long as we don't wind up in the Alamo Bowl, I'm happy.


Hanging with Parents

Saturday the In-Laws drove up to our place, then we all jumped in Jamie's car and drove northward to my folks' new house in N. Austin.

The Admiral and KareBear recently closed on the house they'll be retiring to in a few years. It's a great place, and I'm very happy for them. I've already said here that I look forward to having them here, but it's no less true now that the deal is sealed.

We then went out to The Oasis, Austin's own "great view, mediocre food" tourist destination. I actually think the food is fine, and it is lovely out there if you're not there in late summer.

Anyhow, it's always good to get the parents together, and I have visions of Holidays to come with Jamie and me sitting at the head of the table of family members as I carve a turkey (for some reason I am wearing a red bow-tie and blue sweater vest in this vision).

This morning we drove down to Jamie's folk's place in San Marcos for breakfast. This is the first time I'd been down there since they had moved in. They're pretty well squared away. Boxes unpacked, etc... a few pictures to hang and I think they can call it a move.

And the rest

I de-Halloweened the house this afternoon. We are now officially into the fall and winter Holiday season if the Christmas ads during the NFL pre-game shows were any indication (Jamie did not appreciate my caroling).

Our five Thanksging decorations are out and we're moving into the end-of-the-year hoo0hah.

When we got home from Jamie's parent's house, I looked down at Lucy and thought she looked really fat. I went so far as to inform her she looked fat, before Jamie noticed she'd gotten into the crate of Milkbones and eaten them all. So for the entire afternoon, I've been dealing with a bloated, gassy lab. Seriously, she stinks. Twice I've walked around thinking she left me a present somewhere downstairs. But... it's just post-Milkbone feast gas.


Michael Corley said...

I'm not sure why dog farts are so foul.

That, of course, is a lie. They stink becasue dogs will eat what a goat would pass on.

But lordy-loo, does it make you no want to just die?

NTT said...

There's still hope. It just depends on how the other team's records end up. BCS! BCS!