Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween Costume Submissions now being accepted

Meredith's family has already posted Halloween pics. And, as should come as no surprise, I fully endorse the way she's raising those kids if the costumes are any indication (seriously... costumes are so much better these days)

And I don't know why, but something about Mere's husband's John McCain impression cracks me up. I kind of look forward to Mere running for national office so I can send this photo to the AP.

Steven and Lauren were kind enough to swing by before going out. Lauren was a St. Pauli's Girl/ Oktoberfest Fraulein, and Steven was... Ye Olde Steven of Austin Towne, I fuppose.

The light wasn't terribly great, so this was the best pic we got of the pair. I also thought I'd mention that Lauren made us some terrific popcorn balls, and I'd like to inform her, anytime of the year is a good time for popcorn balls. Feel free to bring those by any time.

I wasn't the only one who was a fan of Jamie's outfit. We had two little girls ALSO dressed as Supergirl come to the house and become very excited when they saw Jamie.


It didn't hurt that Jamie and I were paired up. We actually had folks ask us to pose for photos (one lady for her baby's scrapbook), and the kids really seemed to like the fact that we were a pair.

Anyway, please send in your Halloween pics.

We had a ton of kids come by. It seems like 85% of the kids who come by must be from other neighborhoods. (A) I see cars dropping kids off, but (B) I never see these kids any other time of the year, and I kind of know who the kids are on our street, and they're all very little, and some of them were our trick or treaters. We went through 7 bags of candy, and were out there with a pretty steady stream from 6:45 - 8:45 or so.

For some reason we don't do the whole doorbell thing on our street. We tend to get set up outside and stay there. It's kind of weird because its the only time we're all out on the street, but you can't talk to each other because you have to stick at your house to actually catch the kids. It's too bad. I've literally met my neighbors four or five times, but its so infrequent, I can never remember their names. I used to be really good at names, but... not anymore.

The costumes this year were actually slightly skewed to the "scary" category. Lots of kids in fright masks, which, in Arizona, you wouldn't get much of, or here either. We also had a lot of girls of all ages dressed as princesses. Some witches. An angel, devil, and one who was both. I don't know if we had any Power Rangers for once. A few Batmans (but none in the outfit from Dark Knight), one Joker, and one kid who was the puppet from Saw.

One kid informed me "I'm not a sheriff or a cowboy. I'm a gambler." To which I replied, "Then I guessed right. I thought you were Doc Holliday." This was met with a blank stare.

Kids. No appreciation for history.

We had a storm trooper or three. A tiny Superman. A couple Spider-Mans. A kid dressed as a tiny hustler/ pimp.

Anyway, Halloween was fun. I'm kind of thinking that if Halloween is on Saturday next year, I might go down to 6th Street or out somewhere afterward. This year I was just totally dragging by 10:00.

Tomorrow the Halloween stuff comes down. And then... yup, in like four weeks I'm going to have to put up the Christmas stuff.

It's still too warm out to even think about that.


Michael Corley said...

This is me and my daughter. Fun was had by all.

Anonymous said...

What's up with baggy shorts Superman ? Has Superman gone basketball gangsta ?

Look, you're married, you have plenty of great friends. You have nothing to lose. Wear the Superman red briefs next time. Who cares what the wife thinks....don the red briefs and be the Superman you've always wanted to be. Sure, you'll be putting your bulge out there for all the world to see. But Christopher Reeves did it, George what's his name did it, the new young Superguy did it. Shoot, wrestlers everywhere do it on national t.v. every week. Be the bulge Ryan. Be the bulge.



PS. I too wimped out last year when I dressed as a Luchador with a spandez suit. I wanted to wear the white briefs over my blue spandex suit, but the wife vetoed it. Actually, the real problem that incurred the veto was that I don't own any white briefs (being a boxers guy) and the only I could find in the house were my wife's pregnancy panties, which were rather snug. Hence, that idea was squelched rather quickly.

mcsteans said...

I had no input whatsoever on the Supershorts.

The League said...

Well, the Supersuit has a weird built in briefs thing going on, and its less than sexy. I actually went that way last year and found myself routinely hiking up my drawers to make sure dipping over to drop candy into the tike's candy bags didn't result in me ending up in jail.

I looked around for a different shorts option, but this was, admittedly, the cheapest one I could find.

Part of me likes the sadsack Superman boxer look.

Anonymous said...

It shall snow popcorn balls upon Melbotis' New Year's Hullabalunacy! Glad you liked them.

BTW Was the McCain costume an endorsement?

The League said...

It was. The Browns are a GOP-leaning family.

Looking forward to future popcorn balls!